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Hi all, Up till now I have been a big DC reader, and infact the only Marvel Comics on my pull list are Amazing Spider-Man, AvX, and AvX:Versus. With the conclusion of AvX coming up, I was hoping to use that as a good time to branch out into a few different Marvel books, - so far I have been pleased with what I have read (excluding Alpha in Spider-Man...) I was thinking of picking up a book involving the avengers, a book involving the x-men, possibly iron man, dead pool (looks hilarious) and continuing amazing spider-man. Any suggestions on what I should add to my pull list, especially considering the Marvel NOW launch?

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@krayzzed: If you want to kill two birds with one stone, Uncanny Avengers by Hickman is going to be coming out that will have both X-men and Avengers on the team.

Hickman is also writing the regular Avengers book which he said will have upwards of 18 members. That would be a good place to start because it will get you familiar with a lot of characters.

Remender is going to be taking over Captain America and he has written some really good stories in the Marvel U with Uncanny X Force.

Those are probably the only three Now! titles that I will pick up.

I will also keep Winter Soldier and Hawkeye. WS is my favorite Marvel book and Hawkeye only has 1 issue so far but I liked it a lot.

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I don't know a great deal about it, but there's some info on the wiki!

Personally I'm going to pick up Uncanny Avengers (because it mixes Avengers and X-Men), Thor: God of Thunder, and Iron Man.

@Cap10nate said:

Hickman is also writing the regular Avengers book which he said will have upwards of 18 members. That would be a good place to start because it will get you familiar with a lot of characters.

Do you know who the main Avengers will be on this book at all?

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@Selinaky said:

Do you know who the main Avengers will be on this book at all?

I don't think it has been said yet. I haven't seen the solicitation.

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Pick up:


New Avengers

Indestructable Hulk


If after reading those your thirst is not quenched then i suggeset Captain America or Uncanny Avengers. I'll be going that root.

I know you said Iron man, but the new iron man book looks crap. Kieron Gillen and Greg Land is a terrible creative team.

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Also if you're interested in going back and picking up other titles this year, then Scarlet Spider or Hawkeye are also brilliant.

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I would get Uncanny Avengers by Remender. The team is Cap, Thor Wolverine, Havok, Rogue and Scarlet witch. I would also get the other Avengers titles by Hickman as he is a brilliant writer.

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So far I don't care much for the MarvelNOW! project. I even feel most of the creative team and team line-up switches are for the worse. Some of my thoughts on the series that are currently on my pull-list and are undergoing changes:


Deadpool used to be amazing. Then Daniel Way started writing the current volume of Deadpool and made the character into a clown. And I know a lot of people love his Deadpool, but seriously, it's like one were to make Spider-Man into a nothing more but a talking punchline without any real stories to tell. Daniel Way is probably the worst Deadpool writer so far. So I was quite happy when I heard he finally would leave the title. But than I read that the new writers are 1. total newbies and 2. stand-up comedians, which leads me to asume that the Deadpool title will become even more silly, clownish and utterly useless.

(Invincible) Iron Man

The Fraction/Larocca run has been great and I'm sad to see it end. Fraction might not be the best writer ever and Larocca certainly isn't the best artist out there but the combination of those two simply worked beautifully on Iron Man. Now Iron Man is given an equally talented writer, so no problems there. But the new artist is horrific. He, together with Rob Liefeld, is considered to be one of the most untalented artists of the moment. Not to mention that the first story arc simply seems stupid (Iron Man will have a different suit each issue during the first arc? What the heck guys?).

Uncanny X-Force

This was hands down one of the best titles (possibly thé best) Marvel has been putting on the shelves for the past few years. This title has not only been selling great since its launch, but is also critically acclaimed by several important comic book review websites/magazines. Remender is an amazing writer who, for me, hasn't written anything that can be considered bad so far. Plus the line-up and direction of the book has been refreshing and superb, even though a lot of people were skeptical at first. Now UXF is relaunched with a more than questionable team line-up (Psylocke, Storm, Puck & Spiral) and an unknown, newbie writer. Again, the artist here seems to be a pretty good one. Than there's a title called Cable & the Uncanny X-Force, which just seems plain stupid, seeing as both titles probably won't have anything to do with each other. For this team line-up I'm pretty interested, but it does give off a weird vibe. So we'll have to wait and see.


Here all the changes seem to be for the better so far. I love Opena as an artist and Hickman certainly is an acclaimed writer capable of handeling a team book. Bendis' Avengers was getting boring anyways. Uncanny Avengers is a new title that has Remender as a writer, so you know this will have a solid story, and Cassaday as an artist, who is a great choice. The team line-up seems interesting as wel. But the catch here seems to be the fact that Uncanny Avengers are said to be hunting Cable & the Uncanny X-Force, so I'm guessing you'll need to buy both books to fully appreciate the story. New Avengers has Hickman as a writer too and a decent artist as well, so this 'll probably be interesting as well. Avengers Arena just seems plain stupid (Avengers: The Hunger Games, what the frell Marvel?) plus, again, features a newbie writer. The return of Darkhawk is interesting though, but he'll probably be killed off during the run of the title.


Is something I wasn't following, but I'm addressing it anyway since it features several characters I'm currently reading (Deadpool, Venom, Red Hulk). It does seem to have an interesting line-up with Deadpool, Venom, Red Hulk, Punisher and Elektra. I loved previous interaction between Venom and Red Hulk, both with military backgrounds and I'm curious to see how everyone in the team reactions to a loose cannon like Deadpool. Also, Punisher isn't exactly a team person, so I'm curious to see how this 'll work. But here's the major problem with this title: Daniel Way. I said before I dislike his work on Deadpool. His Venom solo series was atrocious. Plus I'm not too sure he'll be able to handle a team book. Not too excited about the artist (Dillon) as well. But mainly it's Way who troubles me.

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