My "reading order" from Secret War to Siege.

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So I've been trying to make it easier for me control the flow of Arcs that happen in the mainstream Marvel Universe, mainly so I can sleep easier at night knowing there's some order there.

Okay, so since X-Men and Avengers stories usually go their seperate ways, and happen at the same time, I've been told to split them in brackets.

However, the stories eventually branch together late on, so I couldn't do that. For example, Son of M leads to Silent War, then that eventually leads to Secret Invasion and then War of Kings, and equally, Annihilation: Conquest leads to that too.

I've also chosen Secret War as a starting point because that happens where there isn't much required reading prior to. I've also chosen Siege and Second Coming to end it off, because that's where events apparently lead unto before Arcs like AvX, and Marvel NOW!, which seems to be a new starting point for lighter monthly reading.

Any comments to this are welcome, good or bad.

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