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Remember the good old days when information side bars gave you things like when a villain last appeared or Joe Smith had a broken arm in this issue. Well lately I'm noticing more and more through the years that mistakes are being made by the writers. Now should the writers, editors, and asst. editors be accountable for thier mistakes? I mean they have a obligation to the readers (like new readers) to find out the information themselves. I mean they all have the internet as we do. What are your thoughts?

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editor should get most the blame because well... he's the editor... and needs to do his job and edit. As for the writer... it'd be just embarrassing and can damage his rep.

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Yeah, that is a huge problem in the "House of Ideas" right now. Some (not all, notably) writers sit around and whine about "40 years of continuity is too hard!".

Well, buddy, you wanted the big bucks and attention for writing a big name title. You have to work for it.

(What amusing is that the same writers who says this can't seem to get events that occurred within the last year right *cough*Brubaker* cough*)

But Zero Edge is absolutely right, the bulk of the responsibility lies with editing, whose job it is to catch this stuff. I don't know what it is that editing does anymore, but they ain't editing. I don't even think they spell check anymore.

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