Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Tournament Ed. Arcade FightStick

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Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. has unveiled their "Marvel Vs Capcom 2" Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition.  It will be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.   It will also be compatible with other fighting games.  Mad Catz has been working closely with Marvel and Capcom.  It includes never before seen artwork and will add more to the gameplay experience.
The FightStick has been approved by Marvel and will be issued in an individually numbered "collector's edition' packaging.  It features a "Japanese style ball-handled joystick, 30mm Action Buttons and button placement matching the Vewlix arcade cabinet configuration."
No word on the price just yet.  It will be available this fall exclusively at U.S. Gamestop stores, Capcom's online store and the Mad Catz online store.  
Are you a fan of these controllers?  Do you feel they add to the gaming experience?  Controllers in the past have ranged from $50 to $200.  The Street Fighter IV FightStick is available in a $70 version and the "Tournament Ed." goes for $150 at the Mad Catz store.  How much would you be willing to spend?
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Very cool but a little on the expensive side. I'm better with the controller anyway.

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It looks sweet but is it worth the money?

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Man, that stick looks slick. Maybe when it goes down in price I'll get it....lord knows SF4 is virtually unplayable with a normal 360 controller.

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Who didn't see this coming after D.C. vs Mortal Kombat.?  Any annoncement of what characters are going to be playable?

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@goldenkey: MvC2? It's already out and available for download on PS3 and XBox (I think), where have you been? All 56 characters are ready to go, no need to unlock them. Online versus and it's in high definition.
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If I get 1 then my girlfriend would want 1 too, or else i will be accused of cheating after every victory so ill pass.
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I still need to buy the 40 dollar D-pad only SF IV controller.  

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I consume whole TOWNSHIPS at this game, son.

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Man i love fighting games but the only real reason to buy a fight stick is if you play or played alot of games at the arcade. If you don't your much better off getting a fight pad for $40 and not a stick For $150.
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Curious if the parts will be good enough in them or if they'll need to be replaced like the SFIV sticks.  =  /  Nonetheless, I like the design on it.

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there's is no way in he!! that I would buy a $50 - $150 controller to play a $15 game....that's just insanity

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I recognize Udon art.
It looks great. I wouldn't buy it, but it does look pretty sweet.

#13 Posted by CATMANEXE (17052 posts) - - Show Bio

good word= controller
bad words= joystick, fightstick, paddle

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#15 Posted by bioghost (1245 posts) - - Show Bio

no way in hell i buying that I just got better at the control. 
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If I had my own place and money and had a room dedicated to FUN, then I'd get this. But I'm pretty garbage at my MVC 2 for PS2 so theres no need for me to spend money on this or the PS3 remake of the game itself.
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One can dream, but I'll pass on the controller

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