Marvel Universe Experts: I NEED YOUR WISDOM

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I don't know what happened with these characters and need some info on them. If you can answer any of these questions, I appreciate it in advance.

1) How did Juggernaut get his powers back after "Fear Itself"?

2) Any scans of Prince of Orphans fighting while in human form?

3) Is Thanos still the avatar of death?

4) What happened to Tyrant? where and when was Tyrant last seen? Tyrant( the one Thanos fought)

5) When was Monica Reambeau last seen? Why is she not being used?

6) Who is the "New Illuminati"? How and why were they formed?

Please reply to me so I know you answered. Thank You

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Switching this out of the battle forum.

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@pooty: Monica was just in Captain Marvel's last arc. Issues 7 & 8.

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