marvel Ultimate alliancie 2

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am so pissed i knew that you had to preorder juggernaught but i  never wanted him but now on marvel/com they say you have to  preorder thor and the hulk  seriously this is really lame of  marvel to do this so close to the realase date of the game

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Relax....If you pre-order at certain stores you can play with Thor and Hulk OUT OF THE will not have to unlock them.  But they are in the game no matter where you buy it, you just have to collect some stones or whatever to unlock them in the game.

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yeah. it says that there. not in an actual news release...
just something some kid made up and posted,
and he meant it as sarcasm about the Juggernaut thing.
sorry, but theyre in the game.
guess you cant be pissed

#4 Posted by EganTheVile1 (6752 posts) - - Show Bio

OK Juggy was worth the pre-order, his melees are slow, but his charging special attack is well, unstoppable! I've finished the Anti-Registration missions, did not disappoint, and I found myself swapping between far more characters then I did in the first game. Sure sometimes I replaced injured characters with Wolvie or Deadpool to recover health for that character slot. Found the boss fights with Bishop and Yellowjacket toughest so far, but now I am taking it on as the Initiative, so we'll see if my mind is changed

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