Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? What would you want from it?

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Is there any chance that this game will ever be made?

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Id lIke to see sIde storIes and I would love If the characters In your party would talkto each other lIke In mass effect. I thInk an avx story would be cool or maybe an,InfInIty gauntlet sInce thanos wIll eb In avengers 2

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PUNISHER I WANT THE PUNISHER. Also Cable needs to be free /:

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I want it to exist

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Online free roam, a fighting game option like Marvel Nemesis where you can do teams or just go one on one.

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  • The detailed RPG elements from MUA 1. Make it take a long time to upgrade characters all of the way, let us select from a wide assortment of moves, and bring back individual power moves. More attention to characters makes it understandable if the roster is smaller. It's annoying when a handful of characters have the exact same move. Make the picks unique and focus 100% on making each feel like a different individual. Then, give us some DLC characters (in packs, of course), just make sure it's worth it!
  • The graphics/presentation/attention to detail in MUA2 (naturally better since so much time has passed now). This was honestly the only advantage MUA2 had over 1.
  • A more unique and varied assortment of bonus missions. After all, this eventually becomes the only replay value we have left.
  • 4 costumes per character.
  • A unique story. Inspiring it off a real story is fun and all, but then you just receive overflowing nerd rage when things are drastically changed. There's plenty of material to create your own tale, so have at it, developers.
  • And speaking of story, if you're giving us choices, make them actually have some significance. Picking a side felt useless in MUA2 because eventually, it didn't matter.
  • Bigger Roster including everyone they had over the last 2 games( Blade and Dr strange) as well as the dlc that wont go away. Plus more x-men and maybe some cosmics like surfer, Nova, and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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It would need a roster like lego Marvel game, but I like the idea of it being about one hero, a bit like xmen legends with Magma... But there is no reason both cannot be true. Make it more of a RPG, play as a design your own inhuman and follow recent story lines... It would be cool to has a more cosmic storyline, maybe with the infinity gauntlet.

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The only way for it to be good would be if it was't made... so that they can make a halfway decent games, with some gameplay that isn't repetitive and dull, controls that don't make you feel like you're playing the same character no matter who you choose, a levelling up system that doesn't feel slow and inaccurate at the same time...

So, you know, a different game.

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I think the storylines that wuld work are either Secret Invasion, or Avengers vs. X-Men. As for characters I would like to see brough back or added:

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Agent Venom
  3. Wonder Man
  4. Iron Man 2.0
  5. Hawkeye
  6. Captain America
  7. Hulk
  8. Red Hulk
  9. She-Hulk
  10. Red She-Hulk
  11. Jocasta
  12. Vision
  13. Hank Pym
  14. Nick Fury (African-American)
  15. Ultimate Spider-Man 2
  16. Captain Marvel (Caol Danvers)
  17. Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)
  18. New Ghost Rider
  19. Original X-Men
  20. Magneto
  21. Hope Summers
  22. Cable
  23. Namor
  24. Magneto
  25. Colossus (Juggernaut-Powered)
  26. Wolverine
  27. Storm
  28. Stingray
  29. Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
  30. Nightcrawler
  31. Captain Britain
  32. X-23
  33. Silver Surfer
  34. Alpha Flight
  35. Boss Villain: THANOS
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Anyone else still holding their breath for a MUA 3?

#62 Posted by Spideysense44 (3561 posts) - - Show Bio

Make a Secret Invasion game and please make sure the graphics aren't cheap again like they always are

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Anyone else still holding their breath for a MUA 3?

Not really.

#64 Posted by bflynn316 (846 posts) - - Show Bio

@bflynn316 said:

Anyone else still holding their breath for a MUA 3?

Not really.

Guess its just me then :P apparently they can't make one anyway. I always loved these games.

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X-Men Legends were the better games... so a third of those would be great. MUA3 would be ok... provided it avoided using a storyline as contentious and divisive (to fans) as Civil War. So no AvX (yay). Dark Reign might be a good option. Annihilation could be a good option too.

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If they were to make an MUA3 I would want it to be more like the first game, with an original plot that took you all over the Marvel Universe and allowed you to interact with various characters. Also, have a larger roster of characters including newer heroes and villain.

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What about a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game inspired by the Acts of Vengeance storyline? While that storyline itself may have been a weak event, I could see taking its core idea (villains teaming up and taking on heroes they don't normally battle) and reworking it. For my take, I see Loki bringing together an army of supervillains (led by an inner circle he personally puts together) in order to bring down the superhero community. To do so, he has them share their knowledge and experience of dealing with certain heroes, then arranges for attacks using this knowledge led by villains those heroes don't have as much experience in battling. While all of this is happening, Loki is trying to play things out so that he can gain enough power to personally destroy the Avengers, so as to absolve himself of the guilt of having formed them in the first place.

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I haven't played either Marvel Legends or the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Is Ultimate Alliance 1 worth getting? I heard it was better than the second.

However, I've been playing MUA2 for years since it came out and actually just beat it for the millionth time lol. Here are my main issues

1) The story honestly was pretty bad. It didn't hold continuity with the comics, which would have been fine if it had been decently written. I feel like the whole thing was just one big mess and I don't get a sense of closure no matter how many times I beat it.

2) Many characters feel like copies of others. For example, Daredevil and Spider-man are very similar. Hulk and Thing basically have the same moves if I remember correctly. They need to give more variety.

3) More powered moves. Honestly 4 isn't enough, there is another trigger on the controllers, so why not give them double the moves? It will be make a big difference in the long run, especially if you have to unlock moves 5-8 for each individual character.



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Id like a reason to replay the game whether it's with the same character or new ones, maybe give us some sort of Talent Tree and more difficulties. I think the older ones had some sort of talent system but it was very simple, and the hardest difficulty was always really easy too. In MUA2 I easy soloed everything with Hulk.

I also really really really want She-Hulk in the next game, it's fine if she is just a skin for hulk, as long as I can play her. Another twist would be if they let us play villains but that might be hard to pull off since there would be to many characters, and using only villains would not be good for the games sales.

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Dark Reign

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Buy-able collectible figures like Skylanders?

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