Marvel Studios Talking About Bringing a Slew of Characters to the Screen

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Posted by No_name_here (1247 posts) - - Show Bio
 Tell me this wouldn't make a kick ass one sheet for a movie.

Marvel’s already contemplating a bringing a host of other characters to the movies after all this AVENGERS business ties up, including Iron Fist, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, a solo Nick Fury movie and even the Guardians of the Galaxy. Those were just the names Marvel Studios leader listed off the top of his head during an interview he did with MTV recently. Like I’ve said, if a new title like RUNAWAYS is moving along in production ( and you can still audition for it if you act now!) it’s really inevitable that these heroes will be getting their shot eventually.  What’s interesting is that all of these are at unique stages of development

IRON FIRST - - Ray Park was attached for almost a  decade to play Danny Rand back when Marvel was looking to co-produce this with Artisan. Feige says he’s been enjoying how Brubaker and Fraction have revamped the character, so expect any movie to resemble that.

BLACK PANTHER - - There’s, of course, that BET animation cartoon with Djimon Hounsou voicing T’Challa. I think it’s available on iTunes, but they haven’t worked out a way to bring it stateside yet.

DOCTOR STRANGE - - It was recently announced that the co-writers of the new CONAN are working on the screenplay for this. You’ll recall that Strange recently starred in his own direct-to-TV feature cartoon.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - - Given how well-received Sam Jackson’s been as Nick Fury, this really seems like a given. Any of you remember that TV pilot from the 90s with David Hasslehoff?

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - - This is the first I’ve heard of this, but all the cosmic revamps have done wonders to make these characters appealing to contemporary  audiences. The funny thing is that I remember STARLORD getting pushed really hard for a while as Marvel’s potential STAR WARS.  

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#1 Posted by TheMess1428 (2211 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds crazy. I wanna see Iron Fist.

#2 Posted by ComicMan24 (147511 posts) - - Show Bio

I would watch them. The thing is, can these movies find an audience outside the comicbook fans?

#3 Posted by KNIGHT SAVIOR (1110 posts) - - Show Bio

S.H.I.E.L.D. -For some reasons NO 
#4 Posted by Caligula (12661 posts) - - Show Bio

looking forward to SHIELD and Black Panther.

#5 Posted by Benzo (642 posts) - - Show Bio

a guardians of the galaxy movie.........THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!! :D

#6 Posted by Caliber268 (41 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Fist would be brilliant!  One of my favorites right there! 
And seeing Djimon Hounsou play Black Panther would be super sweet. 
And I love love love Rocket Raccoon so I GOTG movie would rock!

#7 Posted by skprgb (98 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Panther would be awesome I'm hoping for a solo Hawkeye film though.

#8 Posted by ironshadow (1583 posts) - - Show Bio

 Djimon Hounsou  should play Black Panther and the S.H.I.E.L.D. movie will happen after the Avengers, Sam Jackson said so in an interview and yes I do remember that TV pilot with The Hoff and I also enjoyed it.

#9 Posted by baddie (8 posts) - - Show Bio

We haven't had a fun adventure movie in apsace since... well, I can't remember. I''m definitely interested in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. GROOT!

#10 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

Ironfist = yes   Dr Strange = yes   Guardians  is intresting but i really wanna see a moon knight film !!!

#11 Posted by bleedingheart (476 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes to Black Panther and Dr. Strange!! :D

#12 Posted by Crimson Eagle (1938 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Panther, OF COURSE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#13 Posted by Dr Doomsday (205 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkeye movie would be sick !

#14 Posted by SupremoMaximo (223 posts) - - Show Bio

I still want Jonah Hill as Spider Ham..

#15 Edited by Shadow_Thief (2511 posts) - - Show Bio

How's about getting Djimon Hounsou to play Black Panther in the film? It'll add to the consistency, and does anybody remember his performance in Gladiator? He can lay the smack down with the best of 'em.

#16 Posted by MissPower (38 posts) - - Show Bio

meh. I don't like marvel movies......

#17 Posted by Lvenger (25718 posts) - - Show Bio

This is epic. I can't understand wh ythey want to do a Guardians of The Galaxy film though. It's a good book sure but will it appeal to general audiences? Still, Black Panther, Iron Fist and Dr Strange are films I would want to see.

#18 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10657 posts) - - Show Bio

Now all we need is Spider-girl

#19 Posted by notorious (37 posts) - - Show Bio

dont they say this 2 or 3 yrs back namor was also named then would love to see them being made tho
#20 Posted by ivailo_g (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Interested in Iron Fist and Strange. The others... not so much...

#21 Posted by antiterra (175 posts) - - Show Bio

IRON FIRST ain't bad, but what I really want is IRON SECOND. :P

#22 Posted by Draconis Prime (17 posts) - - Show Bio

What they need to do before or at same time as Guardians of the Galaxy is have a Nova and also a Quasar movies where on Novas he has the Phalanx to deal with and Quasar has like Ego and for a plot on GOTG is have them deal with a war that some super villan starts with the Shiar empire and the Kree then bring ALL 3 together in a movie with the Anilation conflict then have a sequal where everyone has to deal with Thanos and that hell universe with that evil life thing is happening.

#23 Posted by daken_2513 (446 posts) - - Show Bio

Guardians of the Galaxy would be cool
#24 Posted by IroquoisPliskin (3 posts) - - Show Bio

i could see Pierce Brosnan playing Doctor Strange
#25 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, and Black Panther. BRING THEM ON! 
SHIELD... Nothing against Samuel L. Jackson, but in order for me to find interest in this movie, it's gotta be with 616 Fury, not Ultimate. They have completely different personalities.  
Guardians of the Galaxy? ...Meh... 

#26 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio

Sheild was just a horrible movie but the female that played Andrea was hot hot hot.  Night  Riders leather jacket was about 4 sizes to small too.
#27 Posted by ShirEPanjshir (605 posts) - - Show Bio

A Black Panther movie'd be awesome. I'm glad to see that they're bringing a lot of characters to the screen. Let's just hope that Thor, Cap & Avengers movies will set a decent examples together with Iron Man's movies how not to fuck every movie up.

#28 Posted by gambit987 (1363 posts) - - Show Bio

Doctor strange (liam neeson for Stephen Strange)

#29 Posted by fACEmelter88 (690 posts) - - Show Bio

Whatevs I like em' all as long as Rocket Raccoon is one of the Guardians and another character they need to give screen time to is Luke Cage.

#30 Posted by NexusOfLight (1733 posts) - - Show Bio

Would love it if they went with a Guardians of the Galaxy flick. The series has been goin' great, especially with the Thanos Imperative. I'd be interested in seeing what they'd do for it though. What would be the plot? Who would really be the roster? Peter Quill seems like a given, maybe Mantis, they gotta throw in Cosmo and Rocket, but who else? Would Thanos be the bad guy? Adam Warlock/Magus? I'm very interested. 
Guardians aside, the one movie out of that list I would like to see the most would be Black Panther. T'challa's such a cool character, he definitely needs to be exposed in the mainstream.

#31 Posted by RiddlingGambit (205 posts) - - Show Bio

what a waste of money, but i guess marvel lives by making movies now. the only title i'd check out here is IRON FIST. 

#32 Posted by Bossjugg (148 posts) - - Show Bio

#33 Posted by Edamame (30048 posts) - - Show Bio

Weren't they planning a Cable film as well?

#34 Posted by -Eclipse- (7650 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh, please make an Iron Fist movie... If nothing else, the fact that he's getting a movie would mean Marvel would give him his own series again... :( 
I wish they'd stop teasing the idea. They've been mentioning that Iron Fist would be getting a movie for years now, but until I hear anything official like a script being written or a director being attached, I'm not getting my hopes up. I would LOVE an Iron Fist movie. The mere fact that it exists would instantly make it my favourite movie EVER.

#35 Posted by shawn87 (2798 posts) - - Show Bio

im glad their pushing other characters to get their own films

#36 Posted by Decept-O (7931 posts) - - Show Bio

I am hoping Marvel Studios would do a Power Man ( Yes, Luke Cage)/ Iron Fist "Heroes for Hire" movie with Misty Knight and company.   A solo Iron Fist movie may be good but it'd be wonderful to have the two paired up, it could be a lot of fun.   
#37 Posted by A-Strondinaire (417 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love to see a Black Panther movie but as for the cartoon avoid it, it's done in the same fashion as Sealab 2021 or the Motion Comics that are animated weirdly it looks cheesy and little tacky

#38 Edited by Boom_goes_the_dynamite (31 posts) - - Show Bio

I have heard things about all the movies listed other than Guardians of the Galaxy and all I can say is HELL YES!!  Not only is cosmic Marvel stuff some of the best current stuff but I feel like there hasn't been a good sci fi outer space movie in a long while and I would like to see one again.   

#39 Posted by ForbushBug (512 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, Marvel always seems to be tossing out a bajillion names for possible movies. I really wish they wouldn't get fans hopes up teasing movies that might very well never get passed the "hey how does this sound" stage. The Black Panther's name keeps popping up for years now and nothing ever happens. Hype the sure things and not the maybes.

#40 Posted by conflik1986 (38 posts) - - Show Bio

lol wow BET animation? I despise BET lol anyways I remember wesly snipes was trying to make a black panther movie back in 93, how awful I wonder how it'll turn out personally I don't care for live action comic movies but dr strange and iron fist sounds interesting

#41 Posted by ArachKnight (183 posts) - - Show Bio

Serouisly - What The f%$ !! 
Iron Fist?!~ Iron Fist?! (Dr. Strange I will allow cuz he is a prominent charecter with like the history and all.)  
A Ms.Marvel movie would be SO much better than a Iron Fist movie. Nuff said.  
#42 Posted by xerox_kitty (17339 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd personally take out a loan secured against my soul to hire a hitman.... No way should Ray Park be allowed to be Iron Fist.  They can't dub the entire movie :p

#43 Posted by jonasLighter (90 posts) - - Show Bio
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY  would be great, especially if they incorporate the Annihilation story into it.  That story alone has made Marvel's space characters far more epic than they have been in decades. 
#44 Posted by Shadowdoggy (3868 posts) - - Show Bio

A Nick Fury movie? 
hmmm, that confuses me
#45 Posted by GREYMALCKIN3 (12 posts) - - Show Bio

I really can wait for Guardians and Black Panther as for the other Dr.Strange ok Iron Fist and SHIELD il'pass 

#46 Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

i really really really really really want to see all of these except for nick fury cuz he is a villain not a hero.  
iron fist should be in a movie with luke cage. 

#47 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8382 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm in for a Doctor Strange movie.

#48 Posted by Shadow_Thief (2511 posts) - - Show Bio
@ArachKnight:  Agreed. I'd even settle for a Black Widow solo film.
#49 Posted by Meteorite (3479 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd be interested in seeing all of these characters, but you can't have Guardians of the Galaxy without Nova! (As supporting cast that is)

#50 Posted by Freakochimaera (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Djimon Honsou was born to play black panther

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