Marvel Releasing Marvelman Comics at Last

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Hard to believe it’s been a year since Marvel’s big Comic Con announcement about their acquisition of the MARVELMAN license. If you’ve been locked in patient mediation, you can finally open your eyes, unfold your legs and get out of that lotus position - - Marvel’s first official MARVELMAN comics are coming out this Thursday (which is this weeks' new comics day, on account of the long weekend.) G-Man and I are hoping that MARVELMAN FAMILY’S FINEST #1 won’t be flying under any of you Comic Vine maniacs’ radar, because its release is actually quite historically significant for this industry. In a lot of ways, Marvelman’s sort of a real world equivalent of the Sentry (or Triumph, if you want to go that far back) - - that is, he’s a highly-influential superhero who a lot of people haven’t heard of because he’s been kept away for many years.

Marvelman was a UK publisher's replacement for Captain Marvel who experienced some trailblazing deconstruction from Alan Moore and Alan Davis in the 80s- - work that's held right up there with WATCHMEN and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.  Complicated legal dispute have kept the character in limbo for many, many years, though. Ironically, legal action by Marvel actually forced a prior right’s holder, Eclipse, to rename the character Miracleman at one point (a name I personally prefer - - it’s got a nicer ring to it.) The Moore/Davis issues (as well as those by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham) have been out of print because of this and, thus, are only available to those willing to pay the obsoridnate prices for marked-up back issues. == TEASER ==
I'm sure a lot of that's going to be covered in the MARVELMAN CLASSIC PRIMER that's coming out in a couple weeks.  It's an almanac intended to fill new readers in on the character's history. The MARVELMAN FAMILY'S FINEST series starting this week will be reprinting the character's best stories from the beginning, starting with his very first appearance, but there's no word yet if it's going to reprint the Moore/Davis stories, though.

Marvel's been keeping their cards a little close to the chest so far, but even though their playing one hand this week, I can’t help thinking they’ve still got an ace up their sleeve. What I mean by that extended poker metaphor is that I don’t think this could be just about them reprinting old material.  I’m wondering if they’ll possibly be publishing new stories featuring Marvelman. Or maybe even... * GASP * bringing him in to the Marvel Universe? Could that be their announcement at this year's SDCC?

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So worth getting in terms of future dollar value or no?

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I've heard so much about this guy since I starting reading comics. Now I have the chance to find out why he's so great. Woot!

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i only want to read the Moore and gaiman stuff hope they sort that out soon

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I much prefer the Miracleman name than Marvelman. Too many heroes named Marvel.  I just hope he won't be tarnished or ruined.
My friend has ALL the original Miracleman issues that were written by Moore.
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I just want Gaiman to be able to finally finish his run...

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I hope to god he doesn't become the new Sentry. Oh please, Oh please!

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Don't know much about the character but my interest has been peaked after reading his profile page on this site.
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I hope Sentry comes back and kicks his ass

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Do we really need another superhero that's is basically shazam/captain marvel and superman superpowers,thus guy is captain marvel with a different name,blond and skinny.we got rid of sentry for now, and we are back were we started another sentry that came from superman and captain marvel rip offs.
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I don't know a thing about this character, never even heard of him until it was announced that Marvelman was acquired by Marvel (to which I responded "Wasn't Marvelman always a Marvel character...alas, that was my ignorance showing). 
However, I am pretty interested in this. Have yet to actually research the character, it seems time consuming. But the reaction behind everyone who knows of him and his origins is enough to get me hyped, so I'm in. Let's do dis...

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@CedricAckeyi said:
" I hope to god he doesn't become the new Sentry. Oh please, Oh please! "
Hahahaha!  I actually was thinking of the same thing (or something along those lines).  Wouldn't that be an interesting twist to bring the Sentry back (and bring Marvelman into the Marvel Universe):  have him come back, "transformed," into a new body and a new identity...MARVELMAN!  :-D
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sooooooo exciteddd! awesomee!

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I wonder if Rouge slept with him too.

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@SupremoMaximo said:
" I wonder if Rouge slept with him too. "
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@aztek the lost said:

"I just want Gaiman to be able to finally finish his run... "

I agree 100% percent!

Until Marvel starts reprinting the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman "Eclipse Comics" run, I think I'm gonna pass on these reprints.   
The whole reason Marvelman/Miracleman was created was because in Britain, Captain Marvel/Shazam comics were reprinted and selling very well for Len Miller, a Brit publisher.  When DC started sueing everyone for making their heroes too much like Superman, Captain Marvel comics would eventually disappear.  So Mick Anglo was hired to make a CM Clone. 
Overall, even tho Marvelman/Miracleman started out as a carbon copy, Alan Moore truly revolutionized the character WAAAAAY past "Oh, this is just another Sentry/Captain Marvel/Superman."  Neil Gaiman further fleshed out the character even more! 
I for one, am truly excited that Marvel has purchased this character so now everyone can see how amazing and how "before his time" Marvelman/Miracleman was.  If I can remember correctly the Dark Age in comics did not start with the Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, It Started with Eclipse Comic's Miracleman!   Kimota indeed!
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The thing is all that matters with that character is the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman runs. The material being reprinted is old comics from the forties and that is not a smart way to debut a notable character to new audiences who might not care.

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Did they redraw it?

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@Primmaster64:  does it contain a marvel brand douche as well?
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@JBJ1138: What?
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@CedricAckeyi: @CedricAckeyi said:
" I hope to god he doesn't become the new Sentry. Oh please, Oh please! "
Hopefully Marvel would be smart enough to keep him out of the main Marvel U if fans had problems with Sentry then they would hate this guy. 
@Dark Cell:
 @Dark Cell said:
" I hope Sentry comes back and kicks his ass "
Wasn't really that type of character his power levels were God like  
 Hopefully he won't cross Marvel characters.
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@johnny spam: Depends on the writer.Hopefully Marvelman will be love in the Marvel universe.
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@Primmaster64: Well I worry about it his origin is very similar to The Sentry in the sense that he existed and was forgotten until a married man disordered he was Marvelman and with Sentry that character was not liked with Marvelman I fear that he might not fit in the Marvel U properly or that he might be altered and changed so much he would not be who he use to be. Still Marvel should have gotten big writers on this character for a debut issue because a bunch new readers curious about the character might pick up this book and be extremely disappointed in the old stories instead of groundbreaking material from the eighties.
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I would love to have MarvelMan in 616.  Remember those godawful terrible rumors that MM was the Sentry?  Ugh, but it'll be so awsome to have MM meat Cap.  KIMOTA!!!
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@johnny spam: Well they can change the origin.
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i have actually never heard of him

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@aztek the lost said:
" I just want Gaiman to be able to finally finish his run... "
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@shawn87 said:
" i have actually never heard of him "
that's possibly because he's actually called MiracleMan in the series penned  by Moore and Gaiman, I mean if it weren't for those two guys I'm sure a lot less people would care about the character
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Pass on reprints.

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My reaction when I heard that Marvel had settled all disputes and aquired all rights to Marvelman/Miracleman was "Yes!  We're *finally* going to get reprints of the Alan Moore [and Neil Gaiman] stuff!  I've always wanted to read the whole thing!" 
Only, Marvel's not releasing that yet.  Instead, they want to sell us reprints of the U...K...<YAWN>....Marvel...<yawn>   DUDE! No one is going to care!!!!!  Release the Miracleman stuff and get it over with!  Testing the waters with something nobody wants to see is stupid!  Reprint Miracleman! 
Just a heads up for those who don't realize it - the reprint material is not going to look like the cool images in the article and the Marvel Previews - those are recently commissioned ad images.  They're going to look like art from the 70's and way earlier.  They might be fun reads, in the way any classic comic can be fun, but they're not going to be the works that Miracleman fans have been clamoring for.

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@reaper2923 said:
" So worth getting in terms of future dollar value or no? "
don't know, these stories should come off like shazam/captain marvel light, the real reading are the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman stuff. try buying the collected editions they will set you back alot o money
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the miracleman family would absolutely not work in the regular marvel universe. i'm also extremely apprehensive about anyone who isn't moore or gaiman handling them.

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The only thing that is unique to the character is that he has been expanded on by two of the greatest comic book writers ever. Other than that, it makes no difference if Marvel introduces him (plus family) in their 616 Universe or just creates a new character from scratch with the same history and characteristics. I was really excited when I heard that Marvel had purchased the rights to Miracleman (yes, it is better than Marvelman) because I would get to read stories that had become almost mythic because of the difficulty of obtaining the original runs of Moore and Gaiman. Marvel's marketing department needs to get it's head out of it's @$$. If they wanted this to sell, they should have hyped up the original runs  ("By the universally acclaimed authors of Watchmen and The Sandman etc. etc.), got out a couple of primers then reprinted them.
I'm wondering if they actually own the rights for those stories or if they simply bought the rights to the character. Because that would be beyond useless spending.

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What's so great about Marvelman? He sounds like Captain Marvel/Shazam to me.
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I'm in line with some of the others here. I just wanna see some Alan Moore reprints. Individual MiracleMan back issues and trades cost a fortune. Moore's run on this book is legendary! I've read some of it and it is great!

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@Arkham Lunatic: @Arkham Lunatic said:
" What's so great about Marvelman? He sounds like Captain Marvel/Shazam to me. "
That's exactly why they should not have reprinted the older material because it was made as  a Captain Marvel proxy the real legendary stuff came from Alan Moore in eighties stuff which is in demand but will not be reprinted and that's not smart. 
If anyone is still unsure about Marvelman and not familar with him even though there is an article then this video might be helpful.
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Never heard of him so I don't care.  It sounds big, but the look and the name are just weak.  The good thing, and it's really good is the Alan Moore connection, but if we can't read it, then who really cares.  It's kinda like saying "In the 80's was some of the best damn pizza you could have ever eaten by one of the worlds greatest chefs.  Well we're not gonna let you taste it, and we're bringing in a new chef with a new recipe we're just gonna call it pizza.  It might not be as good, and we don't know if you'll like it, but it's here"  This is one of the dumbest promo's Ive seen in a while.  Release the reprints, let us see what was sooooo damn good, because making the compare of quality to Watchmen and TDKR is as bold a statement that could be made.  Imagine the Watchmen only being released for a short time and most of us never read it, then DC announces the Watchmen is gonna be released again but you can't read the original and there's a new writer.  WEAK.
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Costume is like a what if Magneto and Daredevil had a kid :)

#42 Posted by Pandorax (99 posts) - - Show Bio

Cant Wait for this

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@Jordanstine: @Jordanstine said:
" Costume is like a what if Magneto and Daredevil had a kid :) "
For being a ripoff of another character it is interesting that Marvelman is older than both of those characters. 
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Actually, it doesn't look like the first Marvelman stories are in this issue, but rather a selection from various times.
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i hope they continue the gaiman run and finish silver age and the dark age

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