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Hey all I'm new to the site :) I have been hearing great things about marvel cosmic lately and I had a few questions that maybe you guys could help me out with...... First question is what all comics is considered marvel cosmic? One of my favorite comics ever is the FF4 and it seems if something happens in marvel they know about it lol......Are Thor and Beta Ray Bill considered cosmic? Especially since Thor is a god and his old stuff he encountered the celestials and galactus..... Also can you guys give me a reading order? I know the Infinity stuff is some good stuff (from what I've been told) but is there anything before that? I would like to catch up on it....FF4 Thor and Thanos are my favorite marvel characters along with SS and Beta Ray Bill.....I haven't read alot of their stuff in awhile because In my personal opinion the DC universe is so much richer and better written...... I would love to get back to my childhood love of marvel comics but it's been hard...... Thanks everybody :)

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