Marvel Animated Movies

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I believe it's possible for Marvel to have really good quality animated movies. My only favorites are "The Ultimates", "Planet Hulk", and Thor: Tales of Asgard (everything else, unfortunately, doesn't look like much effort has been put into it). I think with the right creative team and Disney's connections with animation studios, they can do what DC has been doing with their movies and create 2-D adaptations of their comic storylines. I would love to see animated features based on The Dark Phoenix Saga, Kurt Busiek's Marvels, and maybe the Galactus Trilogy. I see so much potential for Marvel animated movies and I hope Disney would let them do this.

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@NeoOmnius: The Runaways would be nice

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A World War Hulk movie would be cool. Dark Reign and SIEGE would also be interesting.

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