Inner Circle (re: Corruptor)

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I was looking in the OHOTMU at the entry for the Corruptor. It noted that he was a member of the defunct "Inner Circle". Does anyone know what the "Inner Circle" was?

I wondered if maybe if was the group of villains the Sphinx gathered to defeat Nova, in the first Nova series.

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The only Inner Circle I'm really familiar with is in the Hellfire Club. But according to Marvel, "Escaping to Manhattan, he formed a criminal organization called the Inner Circle, placing many good-natured followers under his influence. One such individual was Charles Rider, Nova’s father. When investigating his father’s strange behavior, Nova uncovered the Inner Circle’s plans to ransack New York with armies of ordinary citizens under the control of the Corruptor."

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Thanks. It looks like I'll need to dig out my Essential Man called Nova and see if he was the only villain involved. If it just the Corruptor + thugs then it really wouldn't be worth a "Team" entry.

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