Hey guys, could do with a little help :(

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i used to be into comics a few years ago, read absolute loads of 'em. then life got really busy for me, up until about 2 years ago, when i found the time to start reading them again. in the time between then and now a LOOOOT of stuff appears to have changed in the marvel universe, and i've caught up with most of it, reading past story arcs like dark reign, secret invasion, etc. as i write this i collect the following ongoing marvel series: amazing spiderman, captain america, deadpool, avengers vs xmen, astonishing xmen, invincible iron man, fantastic four, and punisher. i just needed a few questions answering:

1). what and who is the antivenom?

2).who is currently venom?

3). can anybody give me a little origin story on sabretooth?

4). is nightcrawler actually dead? i heard he was dead but in one of the more recent deadpool issues, he was a member of x-force.

5). can anybody give me some suggested reading to get up to date on venom, sabretooth and nightcrawler?

i'll be real grateful if anyone could help me out here.

also, my first post :D

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1) Anti-Venom was what Eddie Brock became after his cancer was healed by Mr. Negative and the Venom symbiote (in Mac Gargan's possession at the time) tried to bond with him.

2) Flash Thompson is currently Venom.

3) X-Men Origins: Sabretooth

4) Nightcrawler was killed by Bastion during Second Coming. The Nightcrawler in the current X-Force lineup is an alternate version from the Age of Apocalypse universe.

5) Not really an expert on any of those characters, hopefully someone else will know.

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thankyou very much sir, you really cleared a lot of things up for me :) i really appreciate it :)

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