Help with finding the connections between Marvel's books.

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Hey there peoples, I'm hoping you can help me, I'm in the process of creating a chronological reading order for the whole Marvel Universe and am getting down into the nitty gritty details now, more precisely how storylines flow from one series to another.

For example, sometimes the storyline from a story arc will finish off in an annual, or in the case of where a particular book will routinely contain multiple stories, one of those stories may be finished in another series altogether.

In a nutshell the sort of thing I'm meaning is how Superior Spider-Man 001 continues from Amazing Spider-Man 700.

Would anyone know of a webiste or something where I might be able to find information like that? Like a timeline or something? I'm already using and which have been exceedingly helpful but only to a point [especially since comicvine redid their website layout, can't find all the info I used to be able too].

Alternatively, if there is anyone on here who is uber knowledgible, who doesn't mind me picking their brain for information, that would be cool too :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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@eddiehades: Hi eddiehades, sounds like a fascinating project and i'd love to know what you are doing it for, or if it's just for your own personal satisfaction.

Anyhoo, i don't know if you've seen this, but Marvel have their own Reading order list on their site. You can check it out here;

But something that i think will be SUPER helpful and sounds more like what you're looking for is this site;

It's the Complete Marvel Reading Order site, and it's a bit confusing to navigate at first, but i think it will help you out a lot.

If not, i know a bit about Marvel history so feel free to shoot any questions my way if those sites don't help and good luck with your brilliant sounding project :)

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Hey there, thanks for replying :)

My reason for doing it is basically because prior to starting it I'd been looking around for a complete reading order, but I could never find one, and the closest I could find were lists that went from the early 60s to early 80s and were only in order of publication [if that] and included a bunch of comics that although published by Marvel, had absolutely no connection to the Marvel Universe.

So having created a few small chronologies previously, I figured I'd have a crack at doing one for the Marvel Universe. That was in late 2009, and I've been at it off and on ever since.

So far I've compiled a listing of said comics [just in a table in a Word document] which starts in the very late 1930s and goes through to the present, which includes the comic name, issue number, publication date, story name and story arc. I've then put them in order of publication, then story arc, story name and then limited/self contained series. [by this I don't mean that I have put the story arcs/story names/limited/self contained series in chronological order, I just mean that I've grouped them together starting from the publication date of the first issue in each individual story...if that makes sense?]

I've finished doing that now and have also colour coded the story arcs/story names/limited/self contained series to make them easier to see and tell them apart within the chronology.

So yeah, I'm now getting into the nitty gritty of it and trying to figure out which story arcs happen before others and such, just so I can get the timeline of events relatively accurate.

Another thought that I have only had very recently was that to try [with marvel's permission of course, if I ever managed to get it] to create an app that would help anyone who wants to start reading comics but doesn't have a clue as to where they should start. The app would include the chronology in its final and finished incarnation [which would also include individual reading orders for specific groups and characters], with key points within the chronology indicating where you could start reading from without being too lost.

These key points could either be for the over all reading order, or for a singular series or character that you are interested in, and each key point would also feature character histories which would only bring you up to date to the point of where you wanted to start reading from [to avoid any spoilers].

Would you say there would be any interest to many people?

In regards to the links, thanks for those, I have seen both before, but I think they may be of some use to me for where I am at with my chronology now, especially in regards to the earlier issues where there aren't as many story arcs and crossovers to help with figuring out how the over all story flows :)

If you would like a copy of what I've done so far I'll be happy to email it to ya? Just let me know :)

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