Goodbye Reg U, I'm Hitchin to Ultimate

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Ok, so, I'm kinda noticing lately that the people behind the Regular Marvel books seem to be doing everything they can to piss fans off. Two most hurtful to me being that horridness of the Superior Spider-man, especially issue 9.

And then the existence of Avengers Arena as a whole. I mean I'm sorry, I know that book has fans, but the only reason Marvel made that series was to pointlessly kill off teenage heroes they don't want to be bothered with anymore. Their fan bases be damned.

Well, I actually said these same things quite awhile back regarding the Ultimate Universe, but honestly, right now, right here, I'm really considering abandoning the reg Marvel for the Ultimate U. Reg Marvel's just pissing me off far to much right now. And Ultimate Spider-man is pretty good, so who knows, maybe the rest is too. I'm gonna try anyway.

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@rosefairchild: I feel your pain T.T right now i'm only reading Scarlet Spider from Marvel (which is awesome btw) and everything else is from independents.

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If you're thinking of switching over, I'd recommend the older books from the start of the UU. The first wave of UU books were really fantastic.

#4 Posted by Phaedrusgr (1667 posts) - - Show Bio

@rosefairchild: I can feel your pain. We're in agony here, while Slott keeps trolling Peter's fans. I dropped SSM and, as Strider92 mentionned above, Scarlet Spider is currently the only Marvel comic book I support.

#5 Posted by TheAcidSkull (19727 posts) - - Show Bio

good choice.

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I have decided to abandoned Marvel in favor of IDW, Image and Dark Horse. Marvel and DC in general have made decisions I am not very happy about. With that I say so long and Farewell.

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Yea, I ditched Marvel for DC and IDW. DC has had its share of screw ups, but Marvel is just becoming terrible.

#8 Posted by Saren (25851 posts) - - Show Bio

Start with Ultimatum, it's all go from there.

#9 Posted by bigtewell (749 posts) - - Show Bio

woah I see love for kaIne but what about venom? flashbas venom has been great. superIor Is actually decent and I thInk If they would just lIst It as a mInI serIes people would love It. but ultImate Is good,except for Its crossovers those suck lIke ultImatum and fallout were horrIble ultImate xmen Is great especIally the return,of the kIng

#10 Posted by RoseFairchild (47 posts) - - Show Bio

@bigtewell: While I agree about Ultimatum sucking, obviously you never read the Ultimate Enemy trilogy, cause oh my god, if there is one crossover story in the world of comics that is good, it's that one.

It's most of all a Fantastic Four disbanding story in a sense, but oh my god it's so god, Sue and Ben, and then what happens with Reed. I still can't get over that, it just came out of no where and was like wow, never thought they'd do that.

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