explenation please

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i know this may seem like a wierd request, but is there anyone out there who could explain a bit about the marvel universe to me?

i'm normally a mainstream DC reader, sometimes independant so coming accross terms like Earth-616 is a bit confusing...

are these the same as the old Dc universes before the crisis on infinite earths, or am i heading in completely the wrond direction here.

any help would be appreciated


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616 is the main Marvel universe. It's the main reality you think of when you think of Marvel characters. Other numbers are for different universes. Some are only used once while others are used over and over or even have their own comics. The Ultimate Universe is another number (don't recall what it is). The Supreme Power is another. The Exiles are a team (and comic) that travel to different universes every issue and show alternate realities.

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I was going to find that page but I thought typing it out would be faster because I didn't think I'd be writing very much.

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ahhh that eplains a bit...

so the earth 616 universe is where you have spiderman, x-men, avengers and all those right?


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But to complicate things they exist in multiple realities.

Ultimate Spider-Man = Earth-1610 Spider-Man, Zombie Spider-Man = Earth-2149 Spider-Man, and so on.

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sounds like DC's Hypertime...


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