Exiles? or Mutant X?

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Hey everyone,  I'm looking to get into one of these series, they both peak my interest but im not sure which one I would rather get....I was wondering if the faithful CV peeps could sway me one way or another, overall im looking for the series with the best writing an storylines, if someone would help me that would be gerrrrrrate :)

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Oh man, I am not sure I am the right person to ask. I have read both, but boy do I love me some Exiles... may I ask why either piques your interest? The alt reality nature of both? Exiles has more alt reality to it... is it something else? Seeing familiar characters in a different light? I think Mutant X might do a better job here... doesn't jump around as much and more of the main characters have 616 counterparts...  
Best writing and storylines.... I think Exiles had more highs and lows... with storyline. Writing, I might have to reread Mutant X myself to judge well...

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haha see thats the thing, I like the alt reality stuff, I have read all I could about both series and I just cannot choose..none of my friends have read any of these titles (which i found odd, but then again neither have I) and they are both fairly short runs so getting the full series wont leave me broke (always a plus) I just need some opinons, pros, cons....exc.

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Oh okay I see, I'll run down a huge Pro/Con list later for each if no one else provides any more info. ^_^ 
Exiles would be the more larger choice, I was going to say more expensive, but they have those fancy super sized TPB's that are pretty good value.

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ah! thanks you're a life saver. 
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Aha, found this thread. Sorry for the delay. I need to book mark it for later! 


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