Does Marvel Need New Villains?

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After having kept up with Avengers Arena and now the Infinity: The Hunt series I realized that their are a lot of new young heroes coming out of the wood works in Marvel. But I don't really see that many new villains to match them. It usually falls down the path of introduce new teen hero, than bring up old villain (Looter, Shocker, Trapster etc.) for them to whip on and show how great they are. I know most of the villains are classics and newer ones don't tend to do that well, but do you think they need to aid newer villains as well to mix it up. And not just ones that work off of the Hobgoblins new villain rental program.

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No, they just need to update them.

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I could see the potential/ideas of a few villains. However the question is asked the wrong way. They question should be does this story with character X need a new antagonist or can we use an old. Which will have the best effect of the story told. In some cases it will be in favour for an old character in some for a new. In must cases I believe it would be in favour of an old one. However characters like Iron Man and Daredevil could use new once or at least a heavy updating of the old characters.

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Maybe/maybe not.

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As long as they're well-conceived, cool looking and interesting villains, sure Marvel needs 'em,

Any comic company can always use more good villains. Heroes, too, for that matter.

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They may since Dan Slott seems to want to kill many of them.

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dc needs new villains a whole galaxy more.

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Marvel still have a lot of obscure villains that have barely been used.

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I thought the new villain Unit was interesting.

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How about not new villains but villains who have already appeared in minor roles or who have not been touched on in years and have potential to move up to A list level.

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How about not new villains but villains who have already appeared in minor roles or who have not been touched on in years and have potential to move up to A list level.

Definitely agree with this!

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The chronarchists are new

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lol, paste pot pete.....

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I think they need a few more (a female that will last, a Joker like guy, and a good new mutant), but other than that, no more.

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well i think they should just upgrade some of them ecspecially the villans for the heroes they have been really woking on lately

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yes and new heros.

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Yes they could use some new meat, it's been a while since i've seen any newly introduced villains stick around. But DC could use new Villains too, but they've at least been trying, they should also both introduce new heroes or have some of their young heroes actually grow up and become the main group of heroes in the universe.

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They've been making new villains as well as revamping older ones.

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All they need is more Wolverines. Then they can have the new Wolverines fight the regular Wolverine in a new series called "The Bubs".

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