Disney's Buying Marvel!

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I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! 
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Some quotes. 
 " While comic aficionados worry that Disney princesses will begin showing up in X-Men plots, those who enjoy Disney Studios’ usually family-friendly entertainment brands also have reason to worry. Over the past few years Disney appears to have more fully embraced the idea of being a company that appeals to family audiences. Not long ago, they announced they would only produce a couple of PG-13 films each year under their Touchstone label. Is this about to change?

  Even with the more lenient PG-rating we’ve seen of late, I can’t imagine how most Marvel characters will fit into this classification without watering down many plot elements. And if these new Marvel movies are released with a PG-13 rating, will they be under the Touchstone or Disney brand? Or will they be solely labeled as a Marvel entity?  

   Putting Iger’s promise of not Disney-fying Marvel together with the intent of selling these new properties to six-year-old boys (assuming they are after the same very young ages they are reaching toward with their princess and fairy titles) is definitely concerning. While I appreciate the mature, and sometimes thought provoking themes, found in movies like  X-Men and  Spider-man, these are hardly equivalent to the  Disney Princess Enchanted Tales DVDs that show up on my desk.

Disney will need to walk a very fine line once it begins playing with its newly purchased toys. I truly hope they will continue to recognize the lucrative market they have available to them with parents who have put their trust in their company’s products and that they won’t stoop to marketing age-inappropriate characters to our youngest children who are already living in a violence-saturated world"  

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@Blade_Runner said:

" @Slinger: All existing movie agreements remain in place until the studios stop making making movies with those particular franchises (e.g. Sony has the rights to Spider-Man films).  At that time, the report states the rights revert to Disney.  Pretty standard buy-out stuff. "

I'm talking about the book, not the movie. What about Brubaker's Incognito too? Icon was made for creator owned comics, will the creators still be able to maintain ownership of their characters? Will there be new Icon books in the future in which the creators will be able to keep the rights to their characters? I'm sure the Disney machine wont be too keen on that, and I'm afraid Icon may fall by the wayside.
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Micky meeting Spider-Man 
And will Micky's Girlfried becaome Spider-Women 
Oh and tweety bird as Thor

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Kind of crazy, to be honest. But I'm not a big Marvel guy anyways.

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