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Brian Posehn and Deadpool DO NOT MIX AT ALL!!! Posehn is the worst thing that has EVER happened to Deadpool since T-Ray!!!! DP is, and has been, My favorite schizo character of the marvel u. My second favorite being Moon Knight. But yeah, man, this is horrible. BRING BACK DANIEL WAY PLEASE. Posehn is a POSER!!! His DP dialogue is so cheesy and weak and just plain childish...., it is like marvel is rebooting my favorite mercenary and gearing him up for a pre-teen audience. WTF???!!! Deadpool is... well... WAS.... an ADULT Character... darkly humorous in the most perfect way.... and sometimes so narcissistically detached from reality that its beautiful. Not too many of his writers has ever disappointed me this much, before now that is!!! And THEY EVEN TOOK AWAY HIS VOICES!!! HIS LITTLE YELLOW AND WHITE BOXES!!!! HOW THE HELL CAN MARVEL DO THAT???!!!?!?!?! This is a true travesty and insulting to us hardcore DP fans. Why would they do this. Posehn is soooo not DP material. I cannot even bare to read his cheesy shallow and bland attempts at humor. And it is like Marvel is also trying remake DP as a hero???!!!! wtf wtf wtf!!!! HE IS THE MERC WITH A MOUTH!!! He has always been a mercenary. Now they are taking that away from us. This is a true wretched reboot and an insult to one of marvel's most uniquely dark, complex, and adult characters in the Omniverse!!! Brian Posehn should be writing children stories involving Mickey Frackin' Mouse, NOT DP!!! This is just so painful to even reflect on. He was the perfect schizo. I am actually a functioning and medicated schizoaffective. So i have related to deadpool since i was a teenager. I feel like i am being robbed here. Does anyone feel this way?

Sincerely sinful, angry, suicidal and wanting my 'pool'O'vision back!!!

David the lonely nerd with a mouth!!!

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I totally agree man, every time I read a review saying the comic is amazing it just sends me in a rage. It's just cheesy one liners all over the place, Daniel Way had such a better handle on Pool. And don't even get me started on those BS 'throwback' issues.

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Hey, some creative teams just aren't for everybody. I put Deadpool down for the first time when Christopher Priest's run ended. Time heals all wounds. Also, healing factors. But I can sympathize. Not a huge fan of Deadpool at the moment.

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That tells me all I need to know.

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the book scks

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It's not that bad, saying its worse than danny way's stuff... now I know you're just being crazy. I personally am really enjoying the new deadpool, its not as good as Fabian's or Kelly's deadpool, but still far superior to danny way's pool

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I gave the new Deadpool at least one arc, roughly six issues, to like. I wanted to like it so bad, but it really wasn't appealing to me at all. I got into collecting comics through Daniel Way's run on Deadpool. I still love Deadpool, but I can't collect his current series.

The major part that really turned me off from this new Deadpool was his supporting cast and villains line up. Zombie Presidents, Ghost companion Ben Franklin, Ex SHIELD Necromancer..... UGH, where the hell was Taskmaster, Bob, Blind Al, Domino, Outlaw, ect. I needed some kind of already established character with Deadpool to tag along or be the big bad villain. I did enjoy the Spider-Man team up issue with Deadpool, but then it just went right back to the same old stuff I didn't like afterwards.

I'll just be in the corner now Reading Deadpool kills Deadpool. It's kinda a sad book, but screw it, I'm gonna read it.

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Yup. The worst book in my pull-list. Thanks for reminding me to drop it, I keep forgetting every time I stop by the LCS.

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Hmm, the last time I read Deadpool was when he lost his healing factor. It just became too cheesy for me. I don't know, I just didn't enjoy it anymore.

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deadpool is a really awful character.

i cant wait til he disappears back to irrelevance.

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I totally agree man, every time I read a review saying the comic is amazing it just sends me in a rage.

Apologies for causing you so much rage, sir.

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