Daredevil going to Kickstarter?

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Hey guys, this is Jonathan Parker from Parker Brothers Production.

We have a Batman Beyond live action movie coming to Kickstarter on June 1, 2013 to hopefully fund an entire feature film. Lately, we've been thinking, could we do a Daredevil short film/web series? We have always really loved the character and we think that there is a huge potential in a web series or short film. The only question is, has Daredevil's fan base diminished to the point of no return? Lets face it, he's not Marvel's most popular character to date, but we feel like a good story made into a live action movie is just what he needs to get him back to being a household name.

We are letting the fans decide on this one! What do you guys think? Is it a good idea? Do you think we can raise a few thousand to see a really cool Daredevil action thriller? Let us know!!!


Jonathan Parker

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Also, you guys would be the first ones to do a Daredevil web series. Batman has been done to death by many. Green Arrow already has his own show. The last most popular street level hero that hasn't been done is Daredevil. And that alone would get you MASSIVE views. If you don't do it now, I know someone else will do it relatively soon. If they aren't working on one already.

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I think I had a thread awhile back, where I suggested a DD Show. It makes sense though, its deffos easier to make a web series about a street level character (not much special effects). There's so many aspects of DD's life one can explore, vigilante who practices law, or if you want a more Bendis-esque approach, it could be fighting over power and Hell's Kitchen, or if you want a more classical approach, the origin story of DD was always interesting for me.


A Massive DD Fan.

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I don't understand, how can you do this without Marvel?

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I don't understand, how can you do this without Marvel?

Was thinking the something, aren't there little things like copyright laws and stuff?

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@tacos_kickass: Kickstarter is a non-profit organization that allows fans, like us, to create anything our hearts desire, as long as we have the capabilities to do so. Marvel and DC both have expressed their co-operation and interest with any "Fan-Films" that are created on a non-profit based intention. We have the full "green-light" to create this Daredevil web series :)

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Daredevil still has a pretty decent fan base. The current comic is going over really well with *most* people. As a huge DD fan i would absolutely love if this happened.

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Can you give me a good spider-man movie first?

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