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Hey there peoples, I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for this or not, but yeah, for the last 3 or so years I've been working on a chronological reading order for every marvel comic that pertains to the main Marvel Universe, starting from late 1939 and going right through to the present.

So far I've compiled a listing of said comics [just in a table in a Word document] which includes the comic name, issue number, publication date, story name and story arc. I've then put them in order of publication, then story arc, story name and then limited/self contained series. Once I've finished doing that I'm going to go back through it and figure out which story arcs happen before others and such, just so I can get the timeline of events relatively accurate. After I've done that I'm going to go back over all the story arcs and such to try to work out where and how they fit and interconnect together.

I also had a thought of [with marvel's permission of course, if I ever managed to get it] try to create an app that would help anyone who wants to start reading comics but doesn't have a clue as to where they should start. The app would include the chronology in its final and finished incarnation [which would also include individual reading orders for specific groups and characters], with key points within the chronology indicating where you could start reading from without being too lost.

These key points could either be for the over all reading order, or for a singular series or character that you are interested in, and each key point would also feature character histories which would only bring you up to date to the point of where you wanted to start reading from [to avoid any spoilers].

So yeah, its just something I do in my spare time and or when I'm in the mood to do it :)

Does this sound at all interesting to anyone?

If you have any thoughts or suggestions that would be great :)

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