ComiXology and Marvel Launch Android App And More

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Earlier today Comixology announced they would be expanding their relationship with Marvel comics by revealing the all new Marvel Comics Android app developed by Comixology. The new Android app will allow those who wish to purchase Marvel digital comics to login with their username and password and purchase, sync, and read their comics on either an Android or iOS platform. The new app will allow fans of Marvel comics to read any Marvel comics anywhere. Marvel's Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Marvel Digital Group Peter Phillips cited his excitement about the new app and what it means in terms of the Marvel digital reading experience.

“This is a big step in our plans to both bring Marvel Digital Comics to a larger audience than ever before and create new fans of our great medium, which can only help drive more fans into comic shops nationwide to read about the Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men and all of our great characters.”

This step will make reading Marvel comics a little bit more accessible to fans, allowing them to download an read on their iOS, Android (phone and tablet), computer, PSP and PSP Go.

According to ComiXology's CEO David Steinberger, ComiXology currently has 13,648 comics on their platform.

== TEASER ==
We have 13,648 comics on the platform. With Marvel, they are currently available only on iOS, [Android] and Web with us. With everyone else, they are available on Comics by comiXology on every platform: iPhone/iPad, Web and Android. Buy once, read on whatever device you want.

This isn't the only big news to come out of ComiXology recently. Just last week ComiXology, a leading developer of the digital comics market announced they would be providing the majority of IMAGE Comics' titles digitally on the same-day-as-print with the exception of the McFarlane and Hickman titles. ComiXology offers thousands of comics books available for download, many on the day of release and they presently have 3,515 Image Comics titles available.

The new Marvel Android app and the announcement of the same day-and-date digital releases of most Image titles is big news for the digital comics distributor, what do you think? Will you be purchasing Marvel comics digitally through the Android app?

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I just started using teir website not too long ago. Helps keep track of pull list. Not a fan of digital comics however. Also this is good news, I've seen people complain about this before and it is fixed.

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Awesome! I've been waiting for this.

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It's about time they made an app for us Android users. I downloaded the app even though I'm not really a fan of digital comics. Just wanted to check it out I guess, haha. It's pretty cool.

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I still just like to use the marvel online digital service. I like paying a monthly fee to view them rather than pay for each comic [until my opinion changes of course]. Honestly though I'm still a print > digital guy. Unless you have stuff that's released as a digital exclusive or something like that

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I always thought Marvel was too limited variety-wise when it came to digital store fronts.   Good to see them changing that.

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It's about time. Now make X-23, Punisher and Daredevil digital and we'll be golden.

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Sounds like the rest of the industry is keeping up with the DC's model of further digitization of comic media. Good news.

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Get on the windows phone dang it!

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digital comics are are fad

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I not a big fan of digital. All these new fad make the common thing irrelevant. Then it be the same guys complaining about price hikes and shutdowns of comic shops. Hey everyone lets go back to traditional buying!

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what about wp7? i hate just being able to pick up DC books. good for DC i guess. they are all i buy now.

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Downloaded it, but I'm not sure why considering A.) I prefer to buy my books in print just to give my shop the business and B.) I already have a subscription to Marvel's online comics library, where I can already read most of the books they're selling on the app for free. Well, not free since it cost me 60 bucks for the year, but you get my point. Still, this was looooooong overdue seeing as how popular the Android platform is now.

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Hands are better than digital technology.

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