ComicVine's Marvel Heroes MMO Guild?

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Hey guys so the long anticipated MMO finally launched today, not sure if any of you are intending to try it out, but it'd be awesome if we could get a guild (Supergroup) going if possible :D

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Character designs are ugly. But the game looks fun, i think i will give it a try, just need to free space in my computer.

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my name on there is ironshinobi, just send me a request and I'll play when I can.

#4 Posted by kostisfire (120 posts) - - Show Bio

My name there is darthkostis. Send me a request.

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I'm going to start downloading the game tonight. Who are the starting heroes we can play as?

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@amutant: Hawkeye, Daredevil, Storm, Thing, Scarlet Witch.

I hear The Thing is actually one of the best characters in the game. I'm playing as Hawkeye and I can see he's pretty good if you prefer ranged characters in your dungeon crawler type games.

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#9 Posted by amutant (267 posts) - - Show Bio

@spinningbirdcake: Thanks. I'll pick Storm and work on unlocking other X-Men characters. I'll make an account and post my name on here later.

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@amutant: I heard hawkeye and thing are going to get nerfed :(


Il be downloading the game when summer break hits

If there is a group, guild, or some sort of comic vine illuminate / hellfire club I would definitely join :)

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I've beaten the main storyline stuff but always down for endgame stuff or partying with people to complete story stuff if I'm online. Username is StayXPuft. Rolling around with a level 22 Colossus, might replay the game with some of the free-characters I unlocked when I initially beat the prologue and main storyline.

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I'll say this about the game if Keith David was the one playing Nick Fury in the movies I'd probably like Ultimate Nick Fury much more.

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Mikejaxer. Right now I'm a level 21 Scarlet Witch.

I'm up to Chapter 7 but still on 6 to finish a quest.

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Chose DD. Totally wish I picked Wanda.

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I wont be playing until Emma Frost is available to buy, but hit me up. WhiteBishop

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I'm so jealous! I went to install the game, which looked successful, only to learn that my graphics card isn't compatible. T.T

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