Comics I`d like to make for MARVEL, but wont.

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So, I`m going to become a professional comics maker some day. Maybe not full-time (hopefully I shall), but a pro (of some sort) at the field, anyhow.

And, as a future maker of comics, I have a list of comics I`d like to make. Some of them have my own characters, and are, therefore, a bit easier to make. Some of them have characters, owned by other publishers, who wont let me make stories of them, if I don`t give a piece of my soul to them in return.

One of these publishers is MARVEL. I shall tell you now, who of their characters I`d like to use in stories. And thats not all! I`ll even put the issues in to chronological order that I`d wanna make them in! And I`l tell bit of the stories I`d wanna make! Anyways, here we go!

Three issues of Amazing Spider-man.

I`d make a fun (even comedic) Spidey-story.

Four Fantastic four annuals.

44 pages of story per each and I could do whatever I`d want.


A 41 issue limited series, that showcases different characters, who have adventures in reast of the MARVEL 616-cosmos! Maybe even in other MARVEL-cosmoses. Stars, for example:

Silver surfer (one of my faf characters), Thanos, Galactus, Warlock (maybe), Rocket raccoon, Captain universe (Bonds with one obscure character at a time. Right now I`m thinking D-man, Rocket Raccoon, Howard the duck and star fox. And some superpowerful person.), Skrulls, Kree, new characters, Dr. Strange (Why not? He could totally have a few adventures in space.), High evolutionary, Shi`ar, Watcher and Recorder, Some gods, Celestials, Quasar, Nova...

It would have such villains as Overmind, Annihilus, Dr. Doom, Thanos, some new villains, In-betweener (who is either seriously under rated, or unbeliavably weak cosmic villain), Loki (maybe), Mephisto, Blackheart, Dormammu, Ego, Korvac (maybe), Adversary (maybe), Hunger...

And the following characters (among other ones) would make guest appearances: Future foundation, Fantastic four, Spider-man, Avengers, One above all, Eternity, Chaos and Order, Living tribunal, Death, Roma, Merlyn (Who should`ve stayed dead, because he was killed by ALAN MOORE. Therefore, I might not use him after all, simply because I think that he should be dead.), The collector, The Uranian, Champion...

They would have independent stories, and then, there`d be a 8-15 part story which would unite them all (or some of them, but it would have guest appearances by all the characters, who have appeared in the series). And then they` stuff. The series would be concluded. Or, it would be continued by someone else. But, I`d rather not create a new status quo at the end of my story. SO, if I`d have my way, the series would end, and after a few months, or a year, there`d be a different series about cosmic MARVEL-characters. Or many series. I CAN dream, right?

The first and the last issue would both be 50 pages long.

It would have 4 annuals.


Not kidding. It would be a...lets say 30 issue run (or limited series) that would re-establish D-man. Maybe the main theme, would be him trying to become a respected superhero. Has obscure, and not that obscure characters. For example, Answer as a supporting character. Not necessarily his friend, though. Not all the time, at least. Would also create new characters.

Future foundation

Separate it from Fantastic four and get them save and the world from Stranger and the future from Tiboro. Without that much time traveling. Has new and old characters. For example, the ever loving D-man! No, not finished with him yet. My run would last for 20 issues.

X-men graphic/comic novel.

Free hands. Meaning: I can do whatever I want. I`d use my faf X-characters, have them face some kinda crisis (maybe a small one), throw in some wild, crazy stuff and point out what are their most essential aspects. Well, in my opinion. Maybe 100-150 pages.

5 issues of What if-mag.

I`d wanna go crazy. 40 pages per issue.

The Pyms

Tells of the life of the Pym-family. Meaning: Janet Pym, Hank Pym, Hanks superhero successors, Ultrons, The Pyms families (Meaning, of course, their fathers, mothers etc. Naturally, some of them are dead.), their friends and other enemies. Would take an approach, similar to the current Hawkman-series.

For how long I`d wanna do this...Maybe two-fife years. I have no idea. I`m not gonna make it. Sniff.

The 17.century

So, does anyone else wanna see more of the stars of MARVELs 1602? I would. I`d make the stories for the series, for 12 issues, possibly. Then other people could take the wheel, and would (hopefully) have the sense to finish it some day. Not milk it out for eternity. Just think of the possibilities.

The Eternals

Neil Gaiman wrote this for less than a year, set up a new status quo for the characters, and left. That was stupid. But, I could finish the series. Would have hundreds of characters. Or dozens. Would be epic. Would last for 40-50 issues.

EDIT: I wouldn`t make Eternals- or The 17. century-series, after all. I`d use characters from both, though.


An 8-issue miniseries. I have a pretty good idea for a story, too.

Whatever I wanna do.

An issue of Hulk, Punisher, She-hulk...Whatever I`d wanna make. I`d say that I would wanna make about...12 issues.


A three or four issue mini. Have a good idea for this one, too.


Maybe I wouldn`t make this many stories. But, I`m pretty sure that this is the amount that`s pretty close.

There will also be a DC-edition of this same subject, soon.

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I too want to create my own line and already have my own characters just do not have he time to write an imagine as use to, work/school/life and all. Like your ideas and why some of the creators left the publishers Marvel and DC due to creator ownership, and formed vary other companies (Image most successful and number 3 gave a great run on the Big Two back in the 90s). Something should be done with a lot of characters Marvel mucks up and/or cast in obscurity, Limbo, failed. The cosmic characters are many but cosmic threats are few. Other than the Kree, Skrulls, Shiar, Galactus and Thanos what else? Then there is competition among premier who should be it? I would make Silver Surfer, then Quasar, follow by Nova, and resurrect the original Captain Mar-Vell, starting and supporting cast. if had a free hand would expound upon The Abstracts (i.e. Eternity, Infinity, In-Betweener, and the rest) and their rivals threatening Earth and every world in the Universe, there is a crisis going on somewhere does not have to be Earth-shattering. Really make believable concept and story on par with the likes of Star War and has not been of late since Avatar. And we need lovable, but most dangerous cosmic villain (Darth Vader is like that), whether it be Thanos or create your own. Perhaps Marvel learned their lesson from Image and creator/ownership rights to give novice and no name like us two, a chance to show our imaginative talents. What Marvel got to lose is talent and gain nothing only fucked up entity owned by another...

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Finally! Someone noticed this!

Your own line? That`s awesome.

I don`t think taht the original Mar-vell should be brought back. Maybe untold stories from his past, but no resurrections. Maybe.

Wow. You`ve got alot of ideas. You can have the series after me. (Smiles, because he`s the only one who thinks that the joke is funny.)

Anyways, I agree with you on most part. But I don`t think that the leader folks at Marvel have actually learned anything from Image, besides the fact that they "had" to make the artists draw more like Liefeld, Lee and McFarlane, in the 90`s.

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If I am to make a Marvel series, I'll make a Marvel presents and Marvelous.

Basically Marvel presents is just like DC Comics presents with Marvel characters on it instead. And Marvelous would be about travelling in the Marvel universe and the heroes will be passing the spotlight through interaction every other issue and let us see their interaction and insight about their respective environment (outer space, earth, asgard, olympus, etc.).

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I like those kinda things.

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