Character powers you refuse to recognize

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What versions of Marvel characters or other things do you refuse recognize/accept or prefer they were done differently? Why? How would prefer to have it?

My problems:
•The Heart of the Universe. I liked Marvel: The End, but there are contradictions to its power. It was designated as an alternate universe and Thanos was rather unclear as to whether he was in control of everything or just a single universe. I'd prefer it if the Living Tribunal was not overpowered by Thanos.
•The White Phoenix of the Crown. I'd like it if the sole multiversal entity was the LT. His job just sounds necessary and having another singular being kind of clashes with it. I also do not like the relegation of a being from an arbitrary universe having a special purpose for all realities. And why is psionic energy so special?
•The pre-retcon Beyonder. If you are going to write up a character that is supposedly omnipotent, also make him omniscient. Is it true that his supremacy is still up the air?

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Really, what the hell is this? A guy who have hunger problems? I think I know someone who might have similar psychological problems too, and yes, I'm looking at you, Hulk. ( Rage problems )

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