Captain Marvel, Noh Varr and Ms. Marvel? What's going on?

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I'm confused about the latest Avengers issue. Last I read in another issue, Captain Marvel was alive and Ms. Marvel and Noh Var were helping him. Then this new issue came out and Noh Var betrayed everyone and went to the supreme intelligence. I don't get what's going on. Can someone help me out? Thanks ahead of time.

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You should be reading Secret Avengers.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

You should be reading Secret Avengers.

That's what I read that confused me... Secret Avengers seems like it's lagging behind Avengers. And they're not making sense to me. Can anyone help me out with the timeline here and what's going on? Maybe I didn't read Secret Avengers thoroughly enough.

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@SlimJ87D: Marvel continuity.

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@X35 said:

@SlimJ87D: Marvel continuity.


So they are on the Kree homeworld in Secret Avengers... and then they end up on the Kree home world again in Avengers 27? It it turns out that this Universe is what gave Noh Varr is negabands? But in an earlier chapter it was his Universe kre empire that gave him his negabands?

You know, I just don't like how Noh Varr is from another Universe.

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