Caps uniform in Captain America: Winter Soldier

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So we've had Captain America in two films now with two different uniforms. The one in Captain America: The First Avenger was bulkier but had more of a soldier look and feel to it. The one in The Avengers was slimmer and definitely looked more like a superhero costume.

Which type should Cap wear in his next solo film? Should he continue wearing his Avengers uniform, or should we see an entirely new look.

Personally, the only thing that really disappointed me about The Avengers was Cap's depiction and uniform. First Avenger did a really good job given us a kick-ass Captain America and I felt Avengers weakened his character quite a bit up to the final battle in New York (the scene of him fighting in the Helicarrier was painful to if Cap completely forgot how to shoot a gun or act in a fire fight). With that in mind I'd like to see his uniform in Winter Soldier combine his previous two looks. Go back to the more field uniform style of First Avenger (with gun and combat harness) while keeping the brighter color scheme of his Avengers uniform. Mask/Helmet I'm really not sure about. Personally I don't think he really needs one in the movie universe as everyone knows who he is already and he doesn't have any loved ones to protect. So really it just comes down to practicality and in that case his helmet in Avengers is probably more practical as its attached to the uniform, slimmer, and protects his neck.

What do you all think. Keep his uniform from Avengers. Go back to something closer to First Avenger. Or get something completely different from one of his looks in the Ultimate comics. Something closer to what Bucky wore as Captain America?

Secondary Question: Should Cap go back to wearing and using a handgun in combat? Since the next film probably won't have the redundancy of Black Widow and Hawkeye shooting things should Cap get a gun again? (though personally I think he should have had one in Avengers since most of his fight scenes didn't include Black Widow or Hawkeye so it wouldn't have been all three of them shooting together).

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I wouldn't mind seeing something closer to the Super Soldier uniform but with a mask and shield:

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I love the super soldier costume.

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