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I've noticed a few posts about whether or not Marvel should reboot similar to the way DC has done. This is a subject I've thought about more than once, but then I keep coming back to something I read in a Stan Lee interview: he wanted Marvel to progress as if it were real life. A while back I came up with a blueprint on how a rebooted Marvel would look like. This is how it would go:

To start, use what's already there: MARVEL: THE END by Jim Starlin.

With the restoration of the Marvel Universe comes a "leaner" line. With this leaner line, title are segregated into certain specialities and, for the most part, kept there. At least for the first three years.


Use his original origin, just update it for the modern time. Use the conflict between his memories as Dr. Donald Blake and as Thor to create some internal conflicts as Thor himself deals with things of a "godly" nature.

Captain America:

Use his original origin and run the first year of the series telling WWII stories. Then freeze him. The next year's worth of story continues with Cap trying to acclimate to the 21st century. Add into the origin the symbology of the shield. Have Cap using the shield be symbolic of defense rather than offense, and show that relevance by have some sort of internal conflict between killing Nazis and defending his country. Cap should be a symbol of freedom. Stories should revolve around that, getting use to the 21st century, and how politicos try to use him. What is Cap's personal political stance, and does he believe that he should use himself as a symbol of any single political statement or party?

Iron Man:

I like how the movies have been portraying Iron Man as a character. Only a few things bug me: 1st, he's an engineering genius and that's where his specialty should stay. He's not an omni-genius. 2nd, I like that Rhodes is military, but I think he should resign his commission to become Tony's bodyguard. This should be as a result of Tony's coming out publicly as Iron Man. Stories should be heavily tech-related; these stories should also see the effects of Tony's actions on the world, such as legal actions. He, like Cap, will have been established, but only for maybe a year when the series starts.

The Incredible Hulk:

Should be very similar to the TV series and the most recent movie. Set Banner up as a scientist with dual specialities in medical scientist and radiology, researching at a college where a college prank gone wrong causes the accident the transforms Banner. Military involvement is a must, but used to fund Banner's research and then try to keep a lid on it. Posse Comitatus law should come into effect at some point, limiting the military's ability to go after Banner. Morality tales should be of high priority, especially considering the abuse in Banner's background. Psychological consideration should also come into play, similar to Peter David's run on the series.

There should be no "Avengers" title for at least one year. This is to establish the core Avengers characters.

The Mighty Avengers:

One year after establishing the core characters, the team form to stop the rampaging Hulk. Through the preceding year, though, add sprinkles of a growing threat that will quickly cause the team to stay formed, not just have them slapdashed together because they like each other. This team should unite for credible, serious threats that no one hero can tackle alone. Again, scientists should keep to their specialties.

The Amazing Spider-Man:

Keep his origin story very similar to how the recent Spider-Man movies have setup. Only keep him in his teenage years. This title should solely focus on Peter Parker the part-time photographer and his interactions at the Daily Bugle in context of his adventures.

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man:

This title should focus more on Peter's personal life in context of his adventures. Creative teams on both titles should communicate regularly and get along well, as both affect the outlook of this character.

Fantastic Four:

Keep the origin similar to the movie, with the exception of having Dr. Doom's accident on the space station. His origin should be like the comic, the scarred face having been a result of his own arrogance (and being Reed's lab partner/rival). They should combat "super-science" threats. Reed's intelligence should cover a wide-range of subjects, but not everything. He should have to consult with other "top" people in the scientific community. This can help form crossovers between other books.

The Uncanny X-Men:

Team should already be established at Xavier's school. Focus on mutant threats through covert action. Much of what Chris Claremont had established and was going to established should be used, such as eventually evolving the state of mutants as a commodity for power.


The original X-Men all grown up. They've had their adventures, lived their own lives but feel a more active role in the world is needed. No longer the students, they become the teachers to show the world mutants shouldn't be feared. They're more of public group and have close ties with the X-Men. In other words, similar to the original origin, just updated a bit and clarified as to their origins.


Keep Claremont's initial spin on the first series, Wolverine as "Patch."

This is just a small glimpse of what the blueprint should be. Some of the characters are already established at the time of the reboot, others are just coming into the world. Other characters that should be involved in the reboot are Doctor Strange ("mystical matters"), Heroes for Hire (Private Military Group).

Aging should take place over a gradual time period (such as every decade equals maybe 2 to 3 years). Time should be used to as a force in the stories, as heroes age, some have their mantles passed on, some die as a consequence, some have their powers turn on them like a curse (like how does the Thing age, does his skin just crumble off or petrify).

Any thoughts?

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This pretty much sounds like the ultimate universe.

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@-The Renegade- said:

This pretty much sounds like the ultimate universe.


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