Blade vs The Avengers: Nerd Hulk not healing...

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Finally read Ultimate Comics Blade vs The Avengers, after reading it I wondered why was Captain America able to recover from the vampire disease while Nerd Hulk couldn't. I thought that Nerd Hulk had the same powers as Ultimate Hulk and he is resistant to all diseases the same way Captain is, don't know if this has been asked before but it is really bugging me!!!!

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i really dont know the answer to your question but. i got one for you?! was it a good read?! i was thinking of picking it up so?! is it worthed?!

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It was a good read yes I really liked the story with Blade. BUT the art is horrible, not saying I could do better...., because most of the characters look bog eyed and really wierd haha. I would get it though if I was you IMO

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Good read mediocre art, and I read it as Nerd Hulk being flawed. Probably scared to make him as deadly as the real Hulk in case he went rogue...


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