Best/Worst Marvel Covers – May 2013

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Judging comics by their covers because its an easy target and I am too lazy to be nuanced.

Notes and Nitpicks-

Nova – Okay first off this is not a bad cover. I simply thought it was interesting to note that the main Marvel Universe is bringing in the Chitauri from the Avengers Movie… with their very Egyptian aesthetic I really hope they wind up serving Kang. Also do me a favor everyone… yes I mentioned Nova but please don’t take that as a cue to bitch about Sam and how much you miss Richard… He is dead. Let it go. Move on.

Avengers: The Enemy Within: Okay I love that DeConnick’s series are colliding here… but seriously if this is a lead-in for a Captain Marvel cancellation I am going to SCREAM. Okay the nitpick here is Carol’s hair…. I do not understand what artist’s problem is with her new haircut, she got it cropped on the sides and has the top slicked back. It looks good, it’s a unique hairstyle that only she has… however so many people who draw just flat out cannot draw her without flowing long locks! They can do her costume right, but god forbid they draw a woman with a non-traditional hairstyle!!

Carol’s hair on a good cover for reference.

Wolverine Max: Nope. Wolverine has lost the privilege to have covers that just slash marks… it is the bare minimum of what you can do for his covers. Shame on you.

Winter Soldier: Aww, man I forgot to delete the lines I had before I decided to draw her with a hood! Okay lets just delete those… oh shit that made them white… meh whatever. PRINT!

Five Worst Covers

Uncanny Avengers: Oh no! An evil, airbender is spewing out poorly illustrated Avengers! RUN FOR COVER! Also, Sunfire? Your mask is bad… it is worst than the entirety of Avengers vs X-Men. That bad.

Captain America: I am in the minority of people that actually enjoys Jon Romita Jr’s art most of the time. But this cover blows. Cap’s shield is TINY… and well everything’s proportion looks really damn off. While I wouldn’t call it lazy as there is definite effort in this cover… I would say that effort was misplaced.

Iron Man: This is, I believe, a reprint of an older cover for a collection of older comics. That said.. I still hate it. From invisible bike Iron Man on the right to pissed of center Iron Man who is upset because someone drew squigglies on his face. This cover has all these armors just slapped on here in a random pose and its just lazy and uninteresting.

Captain Universe: The Hero That Could Be You: Another reprinting.Yes, I realize that I am putting a Steve Ditko drawn cover on my list and that means I am going to comic-reader hell where I only get to read All Star Batman and Robin for the rest of eternity. Seriously though? I don’t care, I really dislike this cover… a LOT.

Wolverine and the X-Men: I despise this artist.. DESPISE. I fell in love with this series when Bachalo was the artist and then when they switched to this guy… it felt like the biggest bait and switch. From the horrifically drawn New Beast in his weird float-y ass, awkward pose. To the second cover shown where not a single person’s face looks remotely human. Seriously! The best you have there is Quentin.. but I have no idea what is going on with Evan, who started out with a clean cut quarterback look, then moved onto a Gerard Way look-a-like, and now he just looks like Seance smeared his lipstick. Oh and fucking Wolverine.. did he suffer brain damage or something? He doesn’t look like he is drooling from being feral… he looks like he has suffered muscle damage… its like if Wolverine had a baby with Arseface from Preacher… shudder

Ten Best Covers

Deadpool: This is a great, actually understated Deadpool cover. The underwater shark sequence is beautifully conceived and brought to life… and then you just have Wade there pointing and going Oh Shit… Also they resisted the urge to throw in a dialogue baloon with him quipping… very restrained for Deadpool and it really works well.

Guardians of the Galaxy: ROCKET FUCKING RACOON! This is a really beautifully drawn piece, however I can’t help but think this cover got made just because Marvel thought they needed an image to update Rocket’s wiki with… and I am cool with that.

Avengers: The Anime nerd in me just adores this cover. I am also quickly becoming a Shang-Chi fan so its great seeing an issue dedicated to him. But the japan-influenced cover is really clever, with the speed-lines as the background and all the tropes they playing with here. It is just really damn clever… however I have to say that it was Sailor Spider-Woman that sealed this cover onto my list.

Daredevil: End of Days: The Rising Son iconography gets played to death on comic covers(hell its where Bloodshot’s whole design comes from… However I think this works really well. Matt looks very strong yet subtly in his design and I adore the writer’s signature done in a kanji-like aesthetic. Really cool piece.

Thunderbolts: Ah, Thunderbolts.. I will never stop hating you for your squandered potential and nothing shows that as much as your covers. This series has great dynamic covers with really strong use of the color red that could have given this series an iconic look… however this is probably going to be the first thing to hit the NOW! chopping block. Still its a good cover however it may actually still be too red for my tastes… still it is a damn good cover.

Fearless Defenders: This series has had great covers so far. The first issue was the simplest but then with issue 2 having the action figure cover and 3 having the title tattoed on Hippolyta’s back? Awesome. The paper doll Valkyrie is also just a stunner… my only disappointment is that I can’t actually cut the pieces out without ruining the book… BTW Marvel? if you don’t do paper doll variants of the rest of the team, then you are just throwing money away.

Age of Ultron: HOLY SHIT ITS ULTRON! This is so damn awesome. Seriously this is now tied for my favorite Ultron image along with his iconic Annihilation cover. You really get the menace from him and can tell what a threat he is from a single image… My only problem is that the piece may be too busy with the lightning and the lighting and all the damn debris… so yes, its a busy illustration, but damnit, its one that works!

Thor: God of Thunder: Forgive them Odin, they knows not what they do! Okay, this series is just gorgeous and every cover looks like it belongs on a metal album, which is kind of the perfect thing for Thor’s series. Gorr is dripping menace in the background and Thor looks absolutely stunning… and also like he is super dead.

X-Men: Legacy: I love this series so hard. It is hands down the biggest surprise from Marvel NOW! and its covers are always a treat. Well thought out, cleverly design, and beautifully rendered. This cover made laugh and and I am going to be super pissed off if the covers for this series aren’t collected in the trade.

The Superior Spider-Man: Holy shit do I love this covers. The first one is great, using the title as a maze and anyone reading the series knows exactly what is signified by the cover and will want to pick it up… The second cover… is my favorite spider-man drawing ever. Just hand’s down. I can’t even explain it but the colors work beautifully and the line work is immaculate. Everything just comes together with that something extra that makes you want to get a cover turned into a poster. Also I love the title there, it looks great and helps tie the whole thing together as opposed to being obtrusive… I seriously hate that this artwork will be marred by credentials and pricing when it hits stores. My personal favorite Marvel cover of May.

Hope you enjoyed and see you next month!

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Fantastic picks with some well thought-out commentary as well; I agree with nearly all your choices. The worst for me, personally, would be the Cassaday Uncanny Avengers cover though. Looks nothing like his superb art on Astonishing X-Men or Planetary. The atrocious proportions and stilted poses...oh, how the mighty have fallen...

On a random note, the Chitauri on that Nova cover might be related to the Sphinx - a Nova villain. Just my speculation, but I thought it's worth noting.

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on uncanny avengers more like uncanny avatars lol

x men legacy ive been hearing mixed opinions

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Wow, those Wolverine & the X-Men covers do look really bad.

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@michaelthemighty17: Legacy is, at least from what I have heard, a love it or hate it series. Personally I have no background with Legion as a character and this is my first series with him... It took me a long time to get into the first issue but after number 4 I was just hooked and it is pretty much the first thing I read in my pulls whenever it comes out.
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So are you looking forward to Nova?

#6 Posted by MSchiwal (71 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, I haven't been sure about Nova. I really did enjoy what I have read of the original Nova. But when it came to Marvel Cosmic I was more pumped about the Guardians of the Galaxy Series than Nova.. The artwork on Nova is great but on the other hand I have seen some crap writing from Loeb in recent years... all said and done I think that it could be an exciting series and I am walking into it with an open mind.

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Totally agree with you on every single cover.

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This is really cool :)

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Thanks for the feedback!

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