10 Marvel Characters that SHOULD have been in Marvel vs Capcom 3

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#51 Posted by DeathsHead2 (1739 posts) - - Show Bio

NAMOR, Carnage, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Ms.Marvel, Thanos, Anti-Venom, & War Machine... THESE 10 should be in!

#52 Posted by Rabbitearsblog (6489 posts) - - Show Bio

Here's my top 10:
1. Colossus
2. Black Widow
3. Rogue
4. Gambit
5. Juggernaut
6. Iceman
7. Johnny Storm
8. Loki
9. Cyclops
10. Psylocke
Yeah, it's mostly X-Men characters for me, but I still want these characters to be in the game!

#53 Posted by thanobomb1124 (2037 posts) - - Show Bio

I would love to see Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell),Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Tigra (Greer Grant Nelson),

#54 Posted by Oscuro (1136 posts) - - Show Bio

I know I'm late to the party on this one but idc. Ohhh where to begin.... I have many fond memories of playing MvC2 for hours and hours on end. What that game lacked in endings it more than made up for in pure quantity of characters. The fun of trying to mix and match the characters was nonstop fun, as well as honing my skills. I eagerly awaited for the next installment of the MvC series to come out. And the years just flew by as 2D fighters fell off the map, PS2 came out, Xbox came out. More years flew by as PS3 and 360 came out. At that point im like wtf is the hold up?! This was a popular game and there should be a sequel. When i got the news that number 3 was coming i was ecstatic. When I bought it, I was PISSED OFF.

1. The button scheme was pretty different from the original two, where skills were rewarded and button mashing was highly discouraged.

2. MvC2 featured 56, i repeat, 56 different playable characters. Granted there were two wolverines and a few silly characters, Amingo, it had plenty of old faves and a couple new faces as well. This game was a disappointment on this front. MODOK, Taskmaster, Nathan Spencer, She Hulk and Wesker can all go. There are far more interesting and better characters to put on the game.

3. We are two console generations removed from the second game in the series and the dont have fully animated endings for every character on the game. Are the kidding me? Playstation games had fully animated endings for characters on SF ex plus. Hell Super SF II for snes had endings that were better. They truly dropped the ball here.

All in all this game was highly disappointing and capcom continues with the dlc money grab that they are famous for. Its pathetic. Now with all those negative things being said, I'll put my list of characters that should've made it in my opinion.







Captain Commando




Luke Cage


Mega Man



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