Zombie Avengers?

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Could/Should the alliance of Zombie Giant-Man, Hulk, Wolverine,Spiderman, Iron-man and Luke Cage (and Cap for a while...) constitute a "Zombie Avenges" Team on Comic Vine?

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"In a different universe, Earth's mightiest heroes have a mighty appetite...for brains."

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I love and hate Marvel Zombies at the same time.

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gg. I tried searching and only came up with Zombie the old hero, cool though.

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You have the option where it says at the top: "This page covers the Marvel comicbook event Marvel Zombies . If this is not the page you were looking for check here." That works with all items. So if you were looking up say Avengers, if you clicked, you also get the option of the volumes, Young Avengers, Secret Avengers, etc. We may tweak the search engine someday.

If you searched "zombies" and click, you'll see more.
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