i have a idea about marvel zombies video game, do u have 1??

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it like (non canonical)that heroes of other gaming universe for example kratos from the god of war series(would be fun to see him killing super zombies) and... so the zombies are threatening the universes and the heroes of other universes are called to stop them.

nice idea isnt it??? if you have one just say it.

#2 Posted by DEADPOOL (2925 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like Marvel Zombies stage to be implemented in the next Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game. I have been dreaming this up for some time. Human zombies could be the regular enemies while the bosses would be the Marvel Zombies themselves. And if you were to fight Zombie Spider-Man with Spider-Man, then they could have a special conversation where they argue; that’s just an example though, other zombies and their counterparts would of course argue aswell.

There could be side missions where you have to save clusters of survivors. And perhaps, after doing special requirements, we could unlock zombie skins for applicable characters.

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