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Ashley Williams finds himself transported to another world. He sees two costumed individuals ( Daredevil and Thunderball) fighting. He is then visited by a deadite who tells him "this world will die and an army of the dead will arise." Thinking Ash is beating on an old woman, Daredevil focuses his attention on Ash which allows Thunderball to hit Daredevil from behind.

Reading the Daily Bugle, Ash isn't sure what to make of all the "costumed clowns." Thinking about the deadite's warning, he decides to go straight to the Avengers. He gets off on the wrong foot but tries to explain the warning to them. Thinking he's crazy, the Scarlet Witch teleports him away.

Something begins happening in midtown. Ash makes his way there just as the Avengers arrive in a quinjet. They still think he's crazy. As Spider-Man arrives, he asks "Colonel" America if they need his help. America has Spider-Man web up Ash and carry him off. It appears Ash's warnings are too late as an infected Sentry begins attacking and affecting others. The infected heroes begin feeding.

Spider-Man tries saving innocents as he still carries a webbed up Ash. As they swing in search of a Necronomicon, Colonel America takes a bite out of Spider-Man. Ash lands in the spot that he entered this world only to land at the feet of an infected Hawkeye, Power Man, and Ms. Marvel.

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