the_outsider's Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #3 - Night of the Livid Dead review

Ash, Zombies and Dazzler... what more do you want?

Ok, the explanation for the cliff hanger at the end of issue #2 was actually kinda funny. The series has failed in attaining the same entertainment value as the original Marvel Zombies mini-series, but is along the line of the Army of Darkness series. You're getting what you should expect and not much more, which is fine.

One scene in particular in Doctor Strange's library is especially like the Army of Darkness series and kinda funny. The cameo appearance by Power Pack is down right creepy however. The only problem this series has is that in the Marvel Zombies mini the zombies were the main characters and were far more entertaining then Ash and Dazzler. It doesn't mean that the series is entirely bad, just somewhat inferior to what came before. It still has it's moments... like Ash's scene with Dr. Druid.

The artwork is also great, and the covers are almost worth the price alone. The entire concept is kwirky and odd... and in continuity which makes this crossover somewhat different as well. Although it's still not great, I still think it's entertaining and worth a read.


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