m0n5t3r's Marvel Zombies: Dead Days #1 review

love the wrap around/whats the wasp doing there?

 i love that the story elements here were held off till later. in the mini-series the mayhem was off and running, and each panel did its part to fill us in and piece together the how the universe was affected(infected). with this one-shot, we the readers, get to take a step back and see the beginnings - in all their untimely flavor. for the most part, and in respecting the groundwork first revealed in the minis (and to come later in the timeline), ..there are no revelations of missed opportunity. there wasnt time to cope, and barely enough time to rally. thankfully, most self-preservation is minimal - giving us the battles most zombies wouldnt know to dream of. these are super villains/heroes after all. there are a few points of previously unuttered canon, and a few moments we mightve already imagined. but this is the big bang of the MZ line of books, so theres little incentive to discern whats new. alotta fun read/re-read!


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    I grabbed this issue in a heartbeat at my fav comic shop. Surprisingly this ish delivers alot more than I bargained for. Not to mention the special fold-out cover (which is really lovely in a gruesome sort of way). Adding to the fact that all the heroes face their untimely turning. There is no escape, and this definitely gives it that notion that this alternate verse is bent on alot more. Although it leaves alot open for readers to interpret, especially with Marvel Zombies ran its course. Its gr...

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    I know some people are going to disagree with me on this for sure... most people that think the whole Marvel Zombies thing has run it's course and we should move on. Personally I really liked this issue, even though it was far from perfect.While this is a prequel, it manages to tie together elements from the original Marvel Zombies mini series, the current Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness mini series and also their first appearance back in Ultimate Fantastic Four. If it does all that it can't ...

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