salarymanjam's Marvel Zombies 5 #4 - Bad Torrent review

First Marvel Zombies 5 worth talking about

I have held off writing any reviews of the previous four issues in this series purely because there was little substance to actually review. In other words, they sucked.
Marvel Zombies 5 #4 is, in my mind, the best drawn and written issue to date. Using multiple artists can deliver mixed results in other books but since this is a mini-series, I am all for showing off a team of artists in a single issue. Felix Ruiz and Fernando Blanco do a great job of creating a biotechnological landscape to fit the ever twisting varients of zombie infection this series is portraying. If I was to compare it with anything currently being written, it felt it was a cross between Electric Ant and Hack/Slash. There is also a very clean split between the setup of which world the main characters have arrived in and the meat of the story and fight between the heroes and the infected.

Writing-wise, I could not have been happier with this issue. Aptly named "Bad Torrent", our current society's fancination with downloading and distributing information digitally crossed with viral infection is a great twist on zombie lore. If the entire series had been just about this, I would have been very happy. It has taken four issues, but I finally feel all characters are finding their feet and appear much more as a team with a goal, as opposed to individuals dimension hopping by chance. With no "Raimis" or "Boyles" to bleed stories from, the writers have found their feet.
My fingers are crossed for the final issue in this series.

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