answerman's Marvel Zombies 2 #1 - [untitled] review

Now thats the Zombies I'm talking about!

The man who got the whole Zombie craze going, Robert Kirkman nails its again with Marvel Zombies 2 #1!

Now I read a review somewhere that claimed this ish was short sighted in that (Slight spoiler coming up here!) the Wasp figures out the reality of being a Zombie better than the Galacti-Zombies in space.

I think what that reviewer missed was that the difference between the 2 characters is Janet hasn't eaten flesh for 40 years while Tony and crew just finished eating the majority of the frikken universe!

I adored the handling of Hawkeye, and as usual Kirkmans ending was unexpected and left me dying to see more!

My favorite moment in the ish?

Firelord trying to tell Gladiator not to eat that recently killed Zombie with no lower jaw: "glk" or somesuch.

Kirkman you big chubby son of a gun, you know how to write them there comic books!

And that artist fella Sean Phillips produces a well told story every time!

(in most frothey drooly fanboy voice imaginable):



For Issue 2.


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