Four more brawlers added to 'Marvel vs. Capcom 3' roster

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 Marvel Comics villain Super-Skrull and Devil May Cry character Trish are among the figures revealed as brawlers in the upcoming fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Series veterans Dr. Doom and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter franchise will also appear on the roster.

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ugh, the trailer looked so good... I don't think I can wait 'til 2010

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Aw man, ya beat me to it...


Oh well, SUPER-SKRUL!!!


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behold Doom!

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Super Skrull lookks awesome!

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Trish's hypers are sick. 
It's too bad I never play Devil May Cry

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Probablly too late for character suggestions, but I'll shoot anyway. 
I'd still like to see 


Spider Woman 
Ms. Marvel 
Black Panther 
Black Bolt 


Strider Hiryu
Captain Commando  
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 Black Bolt
visual effects would be spectacular, (lightning & sound waves)
but his power levels would have to be toned down a lot, in reality he can level cities with a whisper!

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Good news everyone, Thor and Amaterasu from Okami will appear in the game.

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