jamesewelch's Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #1 - Part 1: Last Gun on Earth review

This ain't Scott Pilgrim, it's Frank Castle vs the World


A virus is released into the world that reverts humanity to a simplistic cannibalistic state. Luckily for us, one of the few unaffected humans is Frank Castle. Although, on the other hand, he might just be the one who caused this trouble to begin with...

The Good

The writing, tone, and artwork is superb. Frank's voice sounds just as I imagine it and Jonathan Maberry does a great job of bringing back good old Frank. The story is set up outside of Marvel 616 continuity as a stand-alone story arc, but it's refreshing to see a Frank Castle dealing with supers and killing them. Issue number 1 sets up the base story by telling us how the world got to this state and shows us that after five years of the Punisher hunting infected humans and supers, there may be some more unaffected humans still alive. 
Goran Parlov's artwork works great for this dark zombie-like adventure. The use of coloring and shading brings out the gloomy and desperate times that Frank is living in.

The Bad

Since Frank is the only rational human remaining, there's a lot of exposition to inform the user of what's happened. That may or not be a bad thing, even though there's lots of talking to explain the situation and it sort of feels a bit too expository. Personally, I believe that we'll see a lot more action in the upcoming three remaining issues.


I really enjoyed this book. So far, this has been my favorite Punisher (non MAX) story of the year and we're just into issue number one. I can't wait for the remaining issues and I'm ecstatic that we don't have to wait four weeks for the next issue. Issue number 2 is on sale August 18, just two weeks away. It appears that the series will be on a two week shipping shedule. If you're a long time Punisher fan and want to see Frank in a world where he's killing supers, then you just have to buy this. I think the TPB would also be a good pick-up, if you're not interested in picking up each comic.
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