thanosrules's Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers #1 - Part 1: Powerless review

Not. Quite. Zombies. Right?

Recommendation: "If you are into the 'Marvel Universe vs...' story line, sure."

I am not familiar with the "Marvel Universe vs..." story line... and maybe that would have helped. Heck, I didn't even notice the "infected" look of the characters on the cover until I actually picked it up to read it. I guess this is a good indication that I buy too many monthly books.

Now, if I had seen that this was an "infection" / zombie Avengers book, would I have left it on the rack? Great question.

This week, hmm...probably. I may have picked it up later.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I like the Marvel Zombies stuff... but this really isn't Zombies... at least not in the "Marvel Zombies" sense.

The art is great. It fits the tone of the book and nicely expresses the feeling of the story. Facial expressions are dead on (no pun intended) and the cover (now that I have examined it) is quite nice (and full of decently deep symbolism).

In fact, what it is... it is a Hawkeye book. Which in itself is a pretty good deal. It is a good representation of Hawkeye as well... Clint really, but he is firing arrows, so we can refer to him as Hawkeye.

It is gritty. And as much as I realize this is not the 616, it is still hard to see some of the more iconic super-heroes get shot in the back of the head.

The final page reveal was worth waiting for... in fact, with this character introduced, I will definitely stick with the series.

At least now I know what I have gotten myself into - a "not quite zombie" book, with lots of non-616 mini-series style killing...


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