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Ben's sitting at home reading a book of ghost stories when he hears a creepy hissing sound. He follows the sound through the darkened Baxter Building, and finally finds on the roof an unconscious Rom. Rom seems to be superheated, and is sizzling in the rain "like a pan full'a' burgers." Ben puts him on a "sensor-slab," which Rom somehow uses to heal himself.

Rom tells Ben that a coven of Dire Wraith witches have animated the dead armor of Firefall, a past enemy (and past ally) of Rom's. The two fought, but Rom couldn't bring himself to use his full strength against the armor. Rom lost, but managed to get to the Baxter Building roof.

Rom asks Ben to help out, and the two head back to Central Park, where the coven of Dire Wraiths was located. Apparently believing Rom dead, the witches have not left, and so the Thing and Rom head in. Firefall soon attacks, and Rom and Firefall go after each other, leaving Ben facing the group of alien witches all by himself...

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