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Alicia Masters (the Thing's girlfriend) is walking down a Greenwich Village street when she is accosted by some gang members. She's being dragged into an abandoned building when the thugs are hit with a hail of bricks, and they flee. Her rescuer (apparently a bum) reassures her that she'll be all right now, and the drifter walks her back to her home. She comments on his obviously educated background, and sculpts his face lightly into her clay.

Ben is coming up to Alicia's apartment and startles the two, and the man flees. After some initial suspicion, Ben sees the sculpted face, and recognizes him as Jeff Mann, a billionaire inventor. For Mr. Mann to be hiding in a tenement, something must be wrong, and Ben decides to look into it.

Elsewhere, Power Man and Iron Fist are playing video games while they wait for their newest client. It turns out they've been hired by Mann's company to find him. They track him to an apartment on Yancy Street right about the same time Ben does. Neither is willing to let the other have him, and the fight is on...

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