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A group of archaeologists in Egypt have found "the greatest archaeological find of the century!" Unfortunately, the man who has been buried in those sands for 200 years is also awake, and things don't look good for the scientists.

Back in New York. Ben Grimm, aka the Thing, receives a disturbing visit from Dr. Strange, who tells him that something odd and mystical is going on, and Ben will have to go to Egypt. Ben declines to go, but is unsettled, and eventually goes to talk to Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, the brains of the Fantastic Four. Reed is a little preoccupied, as he's studying a satellite photo of a new pyramid that has mysteriously appeared in Egypt. A resigned Ben turns, preps the Fantastic Four's Pogo Plane, and heads for Egypt and the Pyramids.

At the site of the new pyramid, Ben is approached by one of the scientists, who wishes to talk to him covertly. As the two start to talk, they are attacked by a bunch of natives, and the Thing easily drives them off. When he turns back to the scientist, he finds that the man is gone, and so Ben runs after the natives he'd just beaten up and tells them he wishes to surrender. The puzzled natives take him to their master, who immediately blasts Ben unconscious. Ben awakens deep within the pyramids, held by chains he can't break, a prisoner of the Sphinx...

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