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The Puppet Master and Radion, the Atomic Man, used their power in conjunction to defeat the Fantastic Four, using Thor as their pawn. The Thing, with the help of Wundarr, Namorita and her roommate Annie Christopher, are able to stop Thor and defeat Puppet Master and Radion. 
      Ben, Wundarr, Nita, and Nita's roomate Annie are all at a puppet show together. Though the puppets give Ben the creeps, a good time his had by all, at least until Ben is mobbed by a gaggle of excited Thing-loving kiddies. After discovering that the Fantasticar got ticketed and then nearly getting hit by a fast flying Thor, Ben's day is less than made. Meanwhile, we see that our puppet master was indeed The Puppet Master, and with the aid of a mysterious cowled companion he takes advantage of the passing of Thor to mold a puppet of that god and force him to attack the FF. Thor quickly takes out Reed, Johnny, and Sue, and only when he's ordered to inflict the killing blow does he finally come to his senses. He changes to his civilian identity of Dr. Don Blake and begins ministering to the wounded, which is when Ben finds him.
     With Thor's change to human form, the Puppet Master has lost his ability to control him. Dr. Blake tells Ben what has happened, and then dashes away to change back to Thor and investigate, at which point the Puppet Master and his associate regain control of Thor, who immediately attacks Ben, of course...    

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