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Prince Namor the Submariner arises out of the water in the New York Harbor and purchases some clothing so that he can walk the streets unnoticed.

Elsewhere, Ben and Sue Richards (the Invisible Woman) are helping Alicia Masters (Ben's girlfriend) move her belongings out of the Baxter Building and into a new apartment. Though Alicia says the change is just because the Baxter Building is too distracting, Ben takes it personally and wanders into the streets pitying himself. Hearing a scream, he dashes into an alley and finds a robot beating up on an old bum. Ben intervenes, and gets gassed by the robot.

Not too far away, the Submariner is looking for a woman named Sunshine Mary, a woman who had helped Namor years earlier when he was an amnesiac bum. Namor is attacked by some homeless people, but shakes them off and learns they are just scared- someone has been kidnapping them, and Sunshine Mary was one of the most recently kidnapped. Namor and the homeless people band together, and head to where someone just saw the robot attacking another homeless person.

In Project Pegasus (subplot time), Giant-Man collapses while Quasar worrieas about his radiation poisoning.

Ben wakes up in a glass tube, while the captured homeless people are in another tube nearby. In front of them is MODOK, who tells them he has been using these people to test the effects of Virus X, and that Ben will make an even better guinea pig. As the tube begins to fill with the virus, Ben breaks out, but is quickly subdued by the robots. Even as he is going down, however, the door bursts open and the Submariner bursts in, followed the the denizens of the streets...

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