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Benjamin J. Grimm is watching TV at the Baxter Building with the rest of the Fantastic Four, specifically the new show "Monster Man." The hero of Monster Man is a big orange monster (with a smaller orange sidekick to boot!), and Ben is a little peeved at the obvious ripoff of himself, and even more peeved that the lead actor is his "old poker-playin' pal" Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man. Ben hops a sky cycle, and heads for L.A. to pay the set a visit.

In L.A., the shows director seems to be using a mysteriorusly bizarre camera. Ben barges in, destroys a different camera, tells off Wondy, and departs. In his wake, we learn that the real creator behind the director's shows is the producer, Mr. Moses.

Simon talks over his dilemma with the Beast, and decides to quit. Ben talks over his dilemma with Matt Murdock, and discovers he can't sue. When Simon goes in to quit, we discover that the producer is actually Xemnu the Titan, and he hypnotizes Simon into staying. A frustrated Ben discovers that the show has a hypnotic effect on those watching it (including himself), and he heads back to Hollywood to investigate. The controlled Wonder Man is soon duking it out with the Thing...

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