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Ben and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) are in Attilan, where Reed is supervising research on the amphibian-skinned Dr. Henry Croft. While Reed putters in the labs, Ben enjoys a relaxing afternoon talking over old times with Quicksilver and the Inhumans, including the very pregnant Crystal. While Ben enjoys (?) a game of Inhuman inertia-ball, we discover that Reed, with the other Inhuman scientists, has discovered an anti-terrigen compound that can cure Dr. Croft. Unfortunately, a mysterious figure is observing this from far away, and sets his own plans in motion to steal the compound...

Everyone soon relocates to Hydrobase, where Reed sets about curing the Hydro-men. Ben soon realizes that this will be a looong afternoon, and he and the Inhumans (and Stingray, who has joined them) adjourn to the lawn outside, where Ben teaches the Inhumans a new sport- American football.

While the game goes on outside, Helio, Gronk, and Phobius arise from the sea and move inside to steal the anti-terrigen compound. Screams from the crowd inside interrupt the game, and our heroes soon come face-to-face with the thieves...

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