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Ben, Triton, and Stingray all meet up with Dr. Croft at the PogoPlane. Ben recaps the events of the last issue, and Triton takes Dr. Croft off to the Great Refuge to be looked at by the Inhumans. Stingray and Ben head back for the F.F. headquarters in the PogoPlane. Ben calls ahead to see if Reed can track the missing Serpent Crown, but the other members of the Fantastic Four are all busy, and Agatha Harkness answers the phone. Ben fills her in, and she becomes very alarmed and goes to contact some help. She mentally contacts the Scarlet Witch, who is able to, by virtue of her prior contact with the Crown, pinpoint it as being in Washington, D.C. Agatha contacts Ben and Stingray in her own fashion, and realyes this information.

Meanwhile, Sidewinder, who'd escaped with the Crown, delivers it to a shadowy figure in Washington. As the figure steps out, we see that he's already wearing a Serpent Crown! He (Hugh Jones, president of Roxxon) relates his own history, and a very disturbed Sidewinder leaves as quick as he can...

Ben and Stingray soon land in downtown D.C., where they find that everybody in town is frozen in time, with the exception of themselves and the Scarlet Witch, who meets them there. The three head for Congress, where Jones has fashioned a Congress of Crowns, led by himself, which consists of simulacrums of everyone who had ever worn the crowns...

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